Add-on Submission

Plugins and Themes, or collectively "Add-ons", can be developed by anyone and shared with everyone on You can choose to offer your add-on to the community for free or for a price of your choosing. Either way, your contributions will help establish yourself and/or your business in Typesetter's growing community.

Before You Release

  • Make sure your add-on is stable and well tested.
    Once your add-on is added to, anyone can download it.  If it's not working properly it's likely to receive negative reviews that can dissuade future users from downloading your product.
  • Your add-on is your property.
    Uploading your code to does not hand over the rights of your code. You maintain full ownership. Just remember to only upload code for which you have full rights.
  • With ownership comes responsibility.
    For add-ons that means you'll need to provide support to customers and stay up to date with future Typesetter releases.

Free or Paid Add-on

Typesetter provides you with the option of providing your add-on for free or for a fee. Providing free work is certainly praise-worthy and appreciated by the community, but we recognize that it isn't possible for everyone.  If you decide to take the paid route, there are a couple of things to note.

  • All payments will be handled by PayPal. In order for us to send you payments, you'll need a PayPal account.
  • You will receive 70% of each purchase approximately 2 weeks after it is completed. The remaining 30% will cover all PayPal processing fees and go towards Typesetter development and infrastructure.


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