First Beta of gpEasy 3.5!


For anyone chomping at the bit to try out the latest improvements in gpEasy, you'll be pleased with today's release of gpEasy 3.5b1 today. Our first beta release includes some great new features, many of which can be directly attributed to the integration of elFinder. elFinder is a slick project that we will be using for the "Uploaded Files" admin page and file browser for ckEditor. Many thanks to elFinder's creators!

Download gpEasy 3.5b1 and let us know what you think: Zip (1.7MB) or Tar.gz (1.4MB)

Remember, this is a beta release, is not considered stable and should not be used for live web sites. If you like what you see and want to get involved, fork gpEasy on gitHub.

A bug fix and security fix were also released today in gpEasy 3.0.4. Thanks to Stefan Schurtz via Secunia SVCRP for the tip.


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