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True, installing Typesetter on your own server is about as easy as can be, but we can't expect everyone to have their own server can we? Now, to make things even easier, you can get your own Typesetter powered website right here on

Need more convincing? Here's what you get with a free site.

Free Hosting Features

Your free installation gets you most of the features available in the full CMS. In addition, we'll handle the installation, manage the server and provide frequent software updates to make sure you have the latest available features.


Our CMS gives you the ability to edit pages on your website with the exact styling your visitors will see

File Uploads

Upload images (png, jpg, gif) to spice up your site and documents (pdf, doc, ppt, odt, xls) to share data

Popular Plugins

Our blog plugin is just one of the free add-ons available to your site

Image Galleries

Create dynamic galleries within your pages to enhance the visitor experience

Custom Design

Select from our selection of free themes and then personalize it with custom css

Managed Software

We'll take care of software updates so you get all the latest features

Each site is allotted 1GB of storage space and will be ad supported. Options for additional storage space and ad free sites will be added soon.


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