In the event you forget your password, gpEasy comes with a method to restore access.

Standard Recovery

To regain access to your installation, go to the login page and attempt to log in. After a failed log in attempt, click the link in the prompt asking if you have forgotten your password. The following page will allow you to email a new password to yourself. Note: the new password will not be activated until you use it.


Without Email

In case you...

  • haven't entered an email address
  • don't have an email address
  • or any other reason

there is another way to get back into your installation.

1) Open users.php

Find and open the users.php file: [YOUR_INSTALLATION]/data/_site/users.php

3) Change the hash setting

Make sure the passhash setting for your user is 'sha1':

'passhash' => 'sha1',

2) Generate a New Password

Generate a new password online: sha1 generator. Paste the new password hash into the users.php
'password' => '43dbce736ae3dc06d8bc24014ddb410dec014063',

4) Save, Login

Save the users.php and login using your new password.

Just in Case

  • Don't forget to leave the quotation marks around the hash and the semicolon (;) after the last quotation mark.
  • There shouldn't be any spaces in between the quotation marks.



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