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gpeasy.com: RSS feed for new plugins/themes

... it would be nice to get informed about new addons. I would subscribe ;-)  

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WYSIWYG for image gallery

The descriptions for images in an image gallery can only be entered as text. Stil, they are rendered as html, so if you enter valid html code you can use formatting and links. It would be nice if w...

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Thank you!

Follow This IdeaBy Flynn2 years ago

In my opinion, gp|Easy is a very good CMS. My congratulations! Unfortunately, gp|Easy seems to have no very large user base. I have long been looking for a non-database CMS and would like to see gp|Ea...

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Theme Editor

Follow This IdeaBy Tony2 years ago

Hello guys, First, many thanks for GpEasy devel, i like it , very nice ! I think it will be very usefull in next release to have a Theme editor like by example in get simple. Many thanks agai...

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Please update documentation -> password reset

The documentation http://gpeasy.com/Docs/Forgotten_Passwords seems to be outdated. Event with some adaptions I couldn't manage not login to my site. (Email option is not working)  P...

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Make gpEasy sites portable by using $dirPrefix in content urls

Currently moving a gpEasy installation across directory levels is virtually impossible without in-depth knowledge of the system. If gpEasy would save paths of images and internal links with $dirPre...

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SEO and SSL rewrite rules options

Follow This IdeaBy juergen2 years ago1 Comments

Some say, search engines do not like "duplicate content" e.g. if a website is browsable with and without www subdomain. Maybe we could add some options to Settings->Configuration to av...

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Draft mode

Follow This IdeaBy juergen3 years ago3 Comments

An option that could be set in Main Configuration to avoid instant publishing. "Draft mode" enabled would save an edited page directly to the Revision History (preferably displayed above ...

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Bootstrap Carousel Plugin - maximum width and centering

It would be nice to have the possibility to set a maximum width of Botstrap Carousel on the page and centering of it or snap to the left or right.

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Where is the forum?

Follow This IdeaBy hj3 years ago

No contact details on the main site...no forum at the forum link......  what's going on here?  It's like a kinda ghost site!

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