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I have made some earlier posts about this, and was able to change some color items on the theme.  What I cannot do, for the life of me, is change the color of the menu wrapper, from the default blue to a brown color to match the rest of the site here:

I notice there are some files in the theme folder, including one called TOP_FADE; I changed the blue color to brown using a graphics editor, and replaced the file, and even after refreshing the page, no changes.

I tried using the THEME COLOR CHANGER plugin, and even though the colors are changed, I see no changes on my pages.

What's up?

7 years ago#5148

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Try fiddling with the background of #headerwrap

7 years ago#5149

I've been messing with it.  I know there are multiple declarations of color settings in #headerwrap for the different browsers.  I think I almost have it, but could really use a push as far as what color values to use in order achieve a gradient brown rather than gradient BLUE.  Even after I change that, there are blue accents around the header that I need to change also.

It's getting to the point where I think I would actually pay someone to change or "develop" the LIGHT TEXTURE theme in a brown variation, so not only I benefit, but the GPEasy community gets a new theme choice.  I don't know if direct solicitation is allowed here, however.

Let me know; I believe my e-mail is visible thru my profile here.

7 years ago#5150

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Can someone look into developing a Light Texture BROWN variant? Thanks!
7 years ago#5192

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your email is visible as [email protected] to me.

Maybe I can help you if I know your full address.
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