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Is it possible to block loading the css of the default galleries? I want to style the gallery in my theme.

Mentioned here:

will override the default gallery styles.

But I dont know how...

7 years ago#5171

I override much CSS using the style file but remember having an issue with the built in gallery, just can't remember why.

Appreciate this means another personal update when upgrading but they are hard to escape anyway. So you could just amend:


The gallery is likely to be different every site, so I just include this as standard practice. It's a fairly brief, easy CSS file to work with. May not be the "correct" way but no hassle either.

7 years ago#5177

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Yeah, thats possible, but I think there is a gpEasy way of doing this..

7 years ago#5179

Josh S.
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Check out this plugin:

The css file in this plugin replaces the default css file. At the time, this seemed like an appropriate way of allowing users to share different gallery layouts, but maybe we need something more simple.

7 years ago#5255

That is not a bad approach Josh. With the plugin installed, the new gallery.css in the plugin can be amended as required and will not be changed by an /include/ update. 

7 years ago#5257

Josh S.
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True, thanks for the vote of confidence!

7 years ago#5261

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I mostly override the default gallery styles with custom ones in my theme stylesheets. Can't remeber having any issues with that. As long as every rule used in the gallery's default stylesheet it redefined in your own theme stylesheet, it should work. If not (for whatever reason) try using !important - this will take precedence over all other declarations, even inline styles.
7 years ago#5263

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