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Hello all,

I'd like to start a little discussion, on how it would be possible to create new themes/ port themes from other templates (e.g. wordpress) in an easy way. Please, do not get me wrong, I really like the easy and simple way gpEasy is using and being overall more than happy with the services offered. The only major drawback so far for me as a noob user, is the limitation in themes (e.g. more elegant, time-less themes).

I would really love to port some themes, but as a noob user, doing so is quite hard. Due to this, I just wanted to ask, if I am the only one feeling so, or, if not, we could maybe think about a kind of 'system' which would help making the process easier.

In my vary vague ideas, I am thinking about an option, which uses a free template that already exists, moves certain text areas in a WYSIWYG style and in a second step, moves the needed variables for the menu, gadgets, etc. to the respective place. All 'code stuff' is done in the background and gets supported by the tool/ plug-in, so that really noob users are able to use in an advanced way, even without knowing html and co... Editing (e.g. colors, font style, etc.) would be easy to edit as well.

That for sure is just a very rough and plain and noobie idea - but maybe realistic to set-up somehow after further feedback, consultation and ideas from the community. This for sure, would help to broaden the user base, which then again would result in an more active community, more themes, etc..

So, anyone with relevant background knowledge, who could say something about the idea above, or further ideas, critics - etc.

Thanks and looking forward hearing from you!

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Josh S.
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The only major drawback so far for me ... is the limitation in themes

I'm sure you're not the only one. I'd love to get more themes developed for gpEasy.

Porting themes can be pretty easy, but it really depends on how complex the source theme is. The Green and Plain is actually a ported theme from this one.

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The main limitation in gpEasy templates is the unability to override plugin html.
Plugin template overriding would be very easy to implement on the gpEasy side but will require to upgrade existing plugins in order to separate html (templates) from php in a consistent way.

With such an improvement, any existing css template would be 100% portable to gpEasy regardless its degree of complexity/details.

Among the CMS having this feature, Joomla is probably a better example that Wordpress because the gpEasy way to output html is similar to the Joomla way.


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Thanks for your kind replies, especially with the technical backgrounds mentioned.

I am not that much into this areas, but: Is there a chance to bring this topic forward in the short to medium term? I do not know, what kind of options do really exist (e.g. plug-in, re-writing certain structures of the gpEasy system, etc.) - more a noob user....


Would appreciate your support very much! Thanks :-)

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