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hello Josh

Thanks for the further development.
Publish Time is very good.
However, still missing a way to display an image.
If in the configuration "Entries Abbreviation Length" a value is written (for example 100) the image disappears wich was selected in the WYSIWYG editor.

It would be great if it is possible to select with a checkbox if the picture is shown or not.


My wish would be

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For images in blog  I use:

in SimpleBlog.php   in line 192 insert :

if($this->post_id <= 0) {

right before :

echo '<div class="blog_post post_list_item'.$class.'" '.$id.'>';

and this  in line 289:

    function GetImageFromPost($item){
           $img_pos = strpos($item,'<img');
        if( $img_pos === false ){
        $src_pos = strpos($item,'src=',$img_pos);
        if( $src_pos === false ){
        $src = substr($item,$src_pos+4);
        $quote = $src[0];
        if( $quote != '"' && $quote != "'" ){
        $src_pos = strpos($src,$quote,1);
        $src = substr($src,1,$src_pos-1);

        // check for resized image, get original source if img is resized
        if( strpos($src,'image.php') !== false && strpos($src,'img=') !== false ){
            $src = $dirPrefix . '/data/_uploaded/' . urldecode(substr($src,strpos($src,'img=')+4));

        $thumb_path = common::ThumbnailPath($src);

        $img_pos2 = strpos($item,'>',$img_pos);
        $img = substr($item,$img_pos,$img_pos2-$img_pos+1);

        echo '<img class=" img-thumbnail" src="'.$thumb_path.'"/>';



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Josh S.
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I like it. Here's 3.0b2
3 years ago#8215

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