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This is a little awkward: 

There is an outdated website that I need to revive. It is built on Typesetter 1.71. I don't want to rebuild it on a different CMS or do a fresh install before I am sure there is no other way.

Surely, the direct upgrade to 5+ doesn't work. It requires an upgrade to 2.0 first.

Is there a workaround? My ideas are: 

  1. Change the version in the original installation to disable checks. But, I don't know where they are set and I'm quite sure it might not work properly.
  2. Get a copy of 2.0 release first. Is there a chance to get it?

What would you suggest?

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Hmm, 1.7 was quite a while ago.
I'd suggest to make a complete backup of the entire site first.

And then maybe just see what happens if you rename the /include directory to /include_1.7 and copy the one from current ver 5.1 over to the server.
Also do the same with /gpconfig.php
edit: And also /.htaccess
This will upgrade the CMS core.

I agree that it will most likely fail but I'd just give it a go.


If it doesn't work, here are all major legacy versions:


and finally the current 5.1.1-beta1 master on GitHub.

Good luck

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Thanks for the recommendation :). I have solved it and I was able to update from 1.71 to 5.1 no problem. The main reason to upgrade was that the new server set up (php 7.2) didn't let anyone log into the admin panel.

Here is how I did it:

  • Backed up the site
  • Updated first to 1.7.2 by replacing /include and tried to log on (no luck)
  • Updated to 2.0 by replacing /include and copying over /addons and /themes, then tried to log on (no luck again)
  • Updated the same way to 3.0 and then 5.1, admin panel started working.

The old theme is a little broken, but I think I can fix it. Everything else works fine.

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Everything else works fine.

Glad to hear.

The old theme is a little broken, but I think I can fix it.

If you get JS errors (such as '$ is not defined'), Check for <script> elements in template.php <head> section.

As of Typesetter 5, scripts including jQuery will be loaded at the end of the <body> element. If a script in the head section requires jQuery, it will fail and must be loaded/implemented via Typesetter's PHP methods ($page->head_js[] = [script path];, $page->jQueryCode .= [jQuery code];) See here.

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