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Topic: Job offer: news plugin

Typesetter CMS has some plugins in this direction //  // // // // //

If they are not sufficient, You can temporarly use the  - Plugin, which You can fill with text and code within the plugin, which has 3 blocks.


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Topic: ParallaxImage 1.1b5

The background really yerks a bit too much.  But perhaps a change with the use of ( Demo ) - which also exists as a wordpress-plugin  - can help. Another solution is at ( DEMO )

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Topic: Insert tags on pages Head /head
If this doesnt function - please post here a link to Your zipped template - and i will patch Your template with the above mentioned two js.
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Topic: Menu hangs

In the web this error does not happen.

In xampp 'include/...'  is an unclear path for windows - but @import url(''); is already sufficient.

It would be easier to put the bootstrap.css into the color-directory and then

@import url('bootstrap.min.css'); or  @import 'bootstrap.min.css';

The other way is to add the php-rootdir-variable before include as in the ckeditor462-update-plugin , but...

See also

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Topic: Menu hangs

Sorry - but in Xammp php7 the menu hangs

P.S.After adding

@import url(''); to the style.css and

  and  instead of  include 'functions.php';

global $page, $config;
$path = $page->theme_dir.'/functions.php';

to the template.php it functions now


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Topic: Missing icon Admin bar & editor

The icons come from fontawesome 4.7 within the cms. If the settings of the rights does not  help, an installation with filezilla of the github/typesetter - master 5.1b1 (which has advanced functions) may help. If not can You publish a  screen-copy please !

(in very rare cases it comes from missing libraries of the provider)


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Topic: Missing icon Admin bar & editor

Can You klick  within  filezilla portable at the installation directory  with the right mousekey - and then at the bottom of the popup at rights. There You fill in 755 and make hooks for subordinate directories and files. - then ok - this gives missing rights. A similar but only control function is also in the CMS.


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Topic: Insert tags on pages Head /head

if You have a <sript>  some code..</script> then You can save this 'some code' (for example in notepad++ protable ) as a file (without  the <script> - tags) like script1.js  in a subirectory like /js  of Your theme

Then you go into the head of Your template, where already a

<?php  global $page, $config;  exists as in

and fill in : $page->head_js[] = $themeDir.'/js/script1.js';  $page->head_js[] = $themeDir.'/js/script2.js';


You can copy the   <noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none"
/></noscript> direct under <meta ...>

at the end before </head> - or also into the body of the theme

The same with  <!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Ads: 754348705 -->
<script async src=""></script>

But i a not quite sure about the necessity of gtag.js (Your code) - what Do You want to have finally ?


Then You can control it by looking at the sourcecode of the site - hope that helps

P.S. We have a google analytics plugin :

and a - Plugin


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Topic: Problem with navbar settings

You use Bootswatch Scss3 - which doesnt have this error normally. It has probably something to do with Your installation.

Can You test the site with a  Theme (a theme without scss)

which also uses bootstrap 3.   If it fails too,  then You  can make a parallel installation with the typesetter master from github (

Please try to use filezilla-portable as ftp-client.  After the  ftp-transfer klick at the installation directory with the right mousekey->rights and set the directory and subdirectorys and also files to 755. (You can try this also with Your momentary installation before)

P.S. Sorry : The :target::before { content: "";  display: block;  height: 80px; /* fixed header height*/
margin: -80px 0 0; /* negative fixed header height */ }

is for the anchor-navigation which may jump too far. If there are problems with the content disappearing unter the navigation then a    .content{margin-top:50px;}   may help (before add a .content-class to the container, in which the content resides).

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Topic: Problem with navbar settings

If You have this problem with a bootsprap 4 template - this has been fixed in the newest Github-master 5.1b1 (

Another solution is at


:target::before {
content: "";
display: block;
height: 80px; /* fixed header height*/
margin: -80px 0 0; /* negative fixed header height */
to the custom.css  - may help.
(some old browsers may need a : instead of ::)

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