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Topic: Syntax error

In Line 73  should  stand

} else {   

and not

}  else (

2 days ago
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Topic: Delete ends in error

The try to delete a post ends in typesetter 5.1  an error. Comments cannot be deleted within the plugin but only by the administrator direct in the site :





messageexpected expression, got '<'


Line-1<!DOCTYPE html><html class="admin_body"><head><meta charset="UTF-8" />

Line-2<link type="text/css" href="/tp51/include/thirdparty/jquery_ui/jquery-ui.min.css?v=5.1" rel="stylesheet"/>





It seems to depend upon   json&jsoncallback=jQuery...


In gpeasy 3.5 the inner delete functions.....

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Topic: typesetter how to make a multilingual site

Typesetter offers another unique  solution for multilanguage sites :  It makes the use of several menu-trees possible -  and so also one for each language

Beside the main menu, it is posible to make several other menus (at the bottom of the pagemanager),  which have their own pagetree.

As the top site of the main tree is common to all trees - it must be set to 'private'.

By default only the tree m0 will be shown in the dropdowns.  In the normal menu stands  gpOutput :: GetFullMenu ();

Each of the trees  can be addressed  via an identifier m0 to mx, such as with:  gpOutput :: GetFullMenu ('m1');  ---  gpOutput :: GetFullMenu ('m2');....

Therefore each tree must have a different template (or a copy of the same template into the /themes dirctory) for every language. 

A. In the specific template has to be changed:  gpOutput::GetFullMenu('mx'); 

So the trees can have sites in their specific language. See also.  The call of the specific trees can happen with flaggs in the first page.

B. But  also the addon-ini has to be changed!  smart3  to 'smart3russ' and 'smart3eston' etc.

The small disadvantage is, that the search-function searches in all sites in all menus. But if the sites are in different languages this is a minor problem.

Attention : Generally the standard-template is active for all sites if not changed. Therefore for the trees m1--mx their specific template has to be changed at the top of the site at " options - curent layout' - in a future version of typesetter this may be changed...

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Topic: typesetter how to make a multilingual site

A. Im am not an expert in this plugin, but You can temporarly change to another standard theme and test.

B.  You can install a gadget in the template with <? gpOutput::Get('Gadget','Rif Multi Language Manager');?> - code into the template code of the sidebar !

C. In my xampp - installations the rif - lite - plugin makes problems. It hinders generation of sites and has a small bug - but the author doesnt answer.

D. If it is just about  an icon you can (awkward) add a single class to every specific  li or li > a 

(under pageoptions -> menu output classes ) and then add in the layouteditor something like

a.class1 {  font-family: Georgia; font-size: 16px; display: block; margin: 14px 0 0 0; font-style: italic; }

a.class1:before { content: " » "; font-size: 20px; color: #999; line-height: 0; display: inline-block; margin: 0 6px 0 0; }

or  a.class1:before { content: url(flag-image.jpg); .........} 

to get the path you can temporarly add a flag-icon to a site and then see the path of the flag

E. You also seem  have a problem with a too big comment-form. <div class="easy_comment_form">.....<textarea name="comment" cols="30" rows="7"></textarea>

which You can style in the layout editor (evtl. with :  .easy_comment_form {max-width:120px !important;} ...(untested)  or cols="20"

E. Please look at  (full version 4 MB which works for me) where You find details

F Most business sites use subdomains or sub-namespaces for multilanguage

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Topic: Uncaught error

 Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mb_encode_numericentity() in I:\xammp7025\htdocs\tp51b1\data\_addoncode\w4n6bsq\Common.php:41

 json_encode needs string but $arr is an array  ->  array_walk_recursive

* error comes because at Xampp GD - libraray is missing  (


I will try


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Topic: typesetter how to make a multilingual site

In Multi language Admin You klick at the right side (in the picture at Akan or English)

and then You see 2 pages (in Your case You see above 3 single pages)

In my case i had the problem, that the dropdown of the language is first active after filling in some letters of the chosen language manualy.

The plugin redirects depending on the browser language, to but doesnt translate pages. It adds  a language to the site, which must  be in that language.

If You have a look at the point support of the plugin-site  You find more information - and at (sorry, but  Your second picture is in russian language - and also Your cms - or similar which i dont understand)

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Topic: Typesetter 5.1.1b2

As there seems to be no more support at github at the moment, i have published a Typesetter 5.1.1-b2 at github

which conatins the phpmailer-updates and more and a blue skin.

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Topic: Forgotten Password

New : The problem exists only for users who use password_hash instead of sha512 as security.

The problem is, that in the dropdown password_hash is in the top position, so that it is mostly automatic chosen. (users.php line 547 )

P.S. Typesetter supports php 5.3 which doesnt know password_hash.  Line 259 of session.php says

case 'password_hash':
                    if( !function_exists('password_verify') ){
                        msg('This version of PHP does not have password_verify(). To fix, reset your password at /Admin_Preferences and select "sha512" for the "Password Algorithm"');
                        return false;
     return password_verify($_POST['pass_sha512'],$user_pass);

Further  settings/users.php line  278

public static function SetUserPass( &$user_info, $password ){

        if( function_exists('password_hash') && $_REQUEST['algo'] == 'password_hash' ){
            $temp                    = \gp\tool::hash($_POST['password'],'sha512',50);
            $user_info['password']    = password_hash($temp,PASSWORD_DEFAULT);
            $user_info['passhash']    = 'password_hash';

So something has to be rewritten.... ( has problems with php 7.2)

* If You cannot get into the CMS , You can change  "/data/_site/"  "users.php" --->  'passhash' => 'password_hash' into 'passhash' => 'sha512' .

* If you want to suppress the habitual selection of password_hash, you can also swap lines 552 and 553 in admin / settings / users.php

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Topic: how to edit slideshow in modern business theme?
in settings.php is

global $config,$page,$addonRelativeCode,$addonPathCode;
$MB_Carousel = true;
$MB_Carousel_caption = true;
$MB_Carousel_Indicators = true;
$MB_Carousel_Path = __DIR__.'/images/carousel/';

But he doesnt seem to have modified the parameters - as he didnt know where to find the theme in his web-installation - so it  should be a javascript , if the site comes up except the problem with the slider. I made another online-installation on php5.6 and it functioned imediately..

( In the template is twice  ($i == 0) - it should better be ($i === 0). (deprecated, hiddden type castings) ; <html> should have a lang-attribute.

in template.js  :  men = $('.gpArea_FullMenu ul').first();  should be :  var men = $('.gpArea_FullMenu ul').first(); because of implicit declaration ) -

nevertheless....we have an alternative Sliderfactory - plugin with demo at


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Topic: how to edit slideshow in modern business theme?

1. The style.css is under /Themes / Modern Business /default .   

If You have installed the theme by online-installation then it is somewhere in a directory under /data/_themes/....

The bootstrap.min.css is under /include /thirdparty /Bootstrap3 /css/  -->bootstrap.min.css

Just copy the style.css to a temporary folder on Your  harddisk and edit it (with notepad++ portable) and change the first line as described.

2 If You just want to test it You can go into a site with the theme - in the right top corner is Layout -> klick and choose Your template. 

The layout-editor opens and  You can add :   @import url('');

3. A Javascript may also not function because of a Javascript-Blocker - Plugin in Your browser!)

Which Version of Typesetter do You use - which browser and which php-Version ?

If You have further problems, please zip the Modern Business - directory und upload it here.

Edited: 1 month ago


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