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Topic: Debug Info: .. addon data could not be fetched


ich habe gerade über GITHUB erfahren, dass wir vielleicht mal dies anschauen sollten.

Ansonsten werde ich lieber wieder mit 5.0.3 arbeiten.
But this didn't work at my site, too, after wasting time. Sorry Michael

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Topic: Debug Info: .. addon data could not be fetched

Dear Josh, please look at this problem since this Vers.5.1
or please give me a hint, how to repeair it.
streamno handle
lang_keySorry, data not fetched
Your Environment
PHP Version7.2.13
CMS Version5.1
index.php RewriteTrue
Server SoftwareApache

7 months ago
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Topic: Emoticons - Where can I install
Yes, of course, I mean favicon.

Thanks for the link, but the place where to put it in typesetter would be great to know.
Because the code from typesetter always will be changed
7 months ago
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Topic: Emoticons - Where can I install

Hey Josh,


please at which place, or how, can I install (insert) an emoticon, which could be seen in the browser tab.

Thanks for a hint.

7 months ago
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Topic: limitation on the size of directories

Unfortunately, there is a limitation on the size of directories in the file processing of max 1000KB.
However, I need a lot more space for various picture galleries.
The pictures are small (around 60kb) but 200pcs.
Now I can only upload 20 pieces. (Everytime only 20 (?) Pictures, also smaler, why that limitation???)
PLEASE how can I increase this parameter? Thanks for a hint.

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Topic: Some anomalies in the backup
OK Jürgen, you now kidding me, rather absurd this note.
I finish this thread, without solving this.
3 years ago
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Topic: Some anomalies in the backup

Dear Jürgen, thanks for the time and your efforts

So far so good, I have got the names of the pictures, as they are from the customer.
The aim is now, to avoid such difficult filenames. That's the point
to solve this crazy error.

Now I've switched to english, for better explaining.
I manage Section, add Text&Picture, Close
AND when I hit "Publish Draft" some pictures went away.
Why? I don't know.
First I thought, the are to big, to high in the size, or so. I have changed the size.
But I have no idea, why this phenomen happend.

BUT NOW: I will change all the names now and will see, what will happened.
Since I have imported the pictures from the th source only with drag and drop.
That was maybe the fault.

Jürgen, please understand, when I want to explain "this" to the customer,
and I have no logical answer for that, then he works with his
old HTML-website for the rest of the days. (*smile*)

3 years ago
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Topic: Some anomalies in the backup
TNX jürgen, for your reading, about the problems
  • That's bad news. We shouldn't have to worry about that. So we still have to keep an eye on the Export tool.
  • Really only "image_common.js" file was missing?

I'm not responsible for the rest, so I have fixed this only myself. If there is more Josh has to find out.

  • Some questions that might help to narrow down the cause:
  • Did you get any error messages when the Export archive was created? (-> NO)
  • What type of server was it created on? (Windows/Mac/Linux, PHP version) (-> Linux , I can choose PHP 5.4 myself)
  • How much memory may PHP use on the server the Archive was created on? (enough, 96MB )

All this new questions are a little annoying.

  • That's perfectly OK because Typesetter automatically replaces an image with a smaller version when
  • A) it was scaled down in CK Editor and
  • B) Auto-Resize Images in enacbled in Settings->Configuration->Performance (which is on by default)

Sorry, this isn't true, because there was no picture seen anymore (!!!), so it MUST be an error. Anyway!

  • So my only suspicion would be - which could possibly also explain some of the other issues:
  • Could it be that there is some disk quota reached on the target server?

I've got memory_limit is set on 96MB and have that problems, on the new server (1&1) I don't know, maybe cheap domain.

OK, Jürgen !
So please check out this phenomen yourself to add text+Picture at the NEWS, and suddenly there are missing some pictures.
All is German: - user:juergen PW. juergen (please change) Only permission on Files & NEWS. Let see what happened.
Let me know, if you have newer findings.

3 years ago
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Topic: Some anomalies in the backup

Hello Josh,

there are some anomalies in the backup and my consequences.
I've tried to copy my work to another domain with a backup, first as ZIP then as TAR.

The Zip-File didn't work at the reconstruction, somthing missing.
The TAR-File was better.

BUT: The File "image_common.js" was missing, so I have to add it manually.

I had inserted some pictures in some Texts, but
Instead of: this path
there was this path

so, I had to edit some of this pictures manually, since they have been there.

AND: I have added a Page with about 10 parts of TEXT/PICTURE as descriptrion of selling goods,
fter some time, one the picture was missing, and I have to add it again. This is a littel strange, since I have saved it after every finish.
(it's difficult for me to explain it better, since I'm german, sorry)

Maybe this hint could be useful, if someone wants to copy
the content via backupfile to another domain.
There could be some trouble.

3 years ago
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Topic: Google Analytics
OH, tnx, havn't seen it.
3 years ago


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