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Topic: I wanna use Postgresql Database! is it possible?

I want to use Postgresql db in typesetter.


is it possible? i want to connect this with gitlab(i heard gitlab is based on postgresql)



7 months ago
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Topic: I want to move the Login/Logout element

Wow.. it works.


I will make homepage related to OpenStack.

Maybe I will ask many questions about using this platform.. is it okay? :) 

Or should I have to learn php a little bit to use the typesetter? 

thank you for replying..


8 months ago
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Topic: I want to move the Login/Logout element

Hello~ I'm Ben

I want to ask the way to change the location of login/logout.

is there any shortcut to move this element?

I want to add this to navbar next to 'More dropdown' (Home | Heading Pages | More and Login/Logout) 

Could you recommend the guide? :)

8 months ago
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Topic: Cannot install plugin(Simple Blog)

I solved the problem!! 

In my server, php7.2-zip was not installed...

thank you for replying! :)

8 months ago
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Topic: Cannot install plugin(Simple Blog)

I changed the permission of /var/www/html/data and all permissions get mixed up


So I reinstall the web page and then I installed the 'Simple Blog'  but below message comes up


"Oops, the package download failed. Please try again later. (Package not extracted)"


Could you tell me the way to download Plugins one by one...?


**Tried things**

I tried to insert the 'Simple Blog' manually by using filezilla but doesn't working 

"Oops, that didn't work, please try again. (Configuration not saved)"

So I changed the permission like this "chown www-data:www-data /var/www/html/data" , "chmod 777 /var/www/html/data" 

but nothing changed... :(

8 months ago
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Topic: Cannot install plugin(Simple Blog)

I downloaded Simple Blog zip file and extract the folder. 

And I upload extracted folder to 'addon' folder by using filezilla

I can see 'Simple Blog' when I clicked Available in Plugins >> Manage.

So I clicked the 'install' button but error msg printed out like this. -> Oops, that didn't work, please try again. (Configuration not saved)

what should I do to use Simple Blog.. plz help me!! 

8 months ago


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