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Topic: gpOutput::GetImage - Fixed width , height

Good day

I was wondering if we can make gpOutput::GetImage to work on fixed with and heights given by the theme developer. Basically when he specifies the image in his theme he also can specify that this is a fixed sized image, then all images selected with the image editor will take the dimentions given by him and not default to there width and height, this way the theme layout cannot be accidently buggered up.


A default sizes button gets added that the user can click to go back to the default width and height specified by the theme developer.





6 years ago
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Topic: 3.5b2 Warnings setting permalink

hmmm, this is or switching E_STRICT off or making the function static thus not allowing object calling if needed possibly in future.. Seems alot have this problem moving to 5.4.

6 years ago
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Topic: data->_uploaded

can you do me a favour, can you right click on the image that does not show correctly, can you cope the image URL and paste it here and can you do the same for the image that does show correctly ?


just want to see something.




6 years ago
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Topic: data->_uploaded

is your debugging on ? can you maybe see if a errors.log file is created in the root of your website ?


6 years ago
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Topic: data->_uploaded

also have you tested on the sample site I send to you earlier to try and recreate it on ? could you create the same problem there ?


6 years ago
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Topic: data->_uploaded

can you please send the rights as for the thumbnails folder inside the /image/ folder we need to see its rights please.


6 years ago
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Topic: elFinder - Connector.php -> $Opt

K as per this post


this is not applicable anymore


6 years ago
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Topic: elFinder - Connector.php -> $Opt

Hi there, As per


changed tmbPath to following based on path, tested and thumbnails are created on original elFinder code for the configure function in 




$opts = array(
'debug' => gpdebugjs,
'roots' => array(
'driver'        => 'LocalFileSystem',   // driver for accessing file system (REQUIRED)
'path'          => $dataDir.'/data/_uploaded',
'URL'           => common::GetDir('data/_uploaded'),
'accessControl' => 'access',             // disable and hide dot starting files (OPTIONAL)
//'uploadMaxSize' => '1G',
'tmbPath' => '../_elthumbs',
'tmbURL' => common::GetDir('data/_elthumbs'),
'separator' => '/',
'tmbBgColor' => 'transparent',
'copyOverwrite' => false,
'uploadOverwrite'=> false,
'bind' => array(
'duplicate upload rename rm paste resize' => array('admin_uploaded','FinderChange'),//drag+drop = cut+paste
6 years ago
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Topic: data->_uploaded

One last question. IF you delete thumbnails on your side.

and then upload a new image (then it creates a new thumbnails folder)

and if you go view the folders permissions (via cPanel or Plesk or any webadmin tool )

what is the folder rights ? 0644 ? 





6 years ago
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Topic: data->_uploaded

@feniweb - Can you try to recreate the same problem on this installation ?






6 years ago


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