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Topic: Register two functions on the same hook ?

Think it is per design that each plugin can only have one entry per hook. If you look at config file for example the hooks array

'hooks' => 


  array (
    'GetHead' => 
    array (
      'ute2juq' => 
      array (
        'addon' => 'ute2juq',
        'script' => '/data/_addoncode/ute2juq/dominionslideshow_prep_header.php',
        'method' => 'dominionslideshow_prep_header',
and if you look at the installation process, it seems AddHook overrides the entry the whole time, thus the reason
that only the last one is accepted.
$config['hooks'][$hook][$this->install_folder_name] = $add;
thus currently by design, each plugin can only have one.
5 years ago
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Topic: Register two functions on the same hook ?

Can you not have 1 for example 

myScript_Combined registered, that will call the other 2  scripts for you ? 

Then at least you can control which one gets called before the other.


5 years ago
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Topic: Dominion SlideShow 1.2
Hi there, okay the problem was your path was wrong it was '/images' instead of '/image' secondly I did not see the Slideshow gadget added anywhere so I added it in the Misc header (at the top) you can move it where you want with the layout system. hope this helps Johannes
5 years ago
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Topic: flexiTheme - new plugin and theme
Hi there, thanks for using the plugin and theme. There is still allot to do on it as I dont have to much time at nights to work on it and my son has to go for operation soon then I recon I wont have any time, but I will look at adding what I can tonight, I know I wanted to look at the different sections borders and font type selection next but will see what I can do . thanks Johannes
5 years ago
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Topic: Dominion SlideShow 1.2
Good day. Basically I build a file list each time you press the save button and not each time the webpage is displayed , this is to make sure the plugin does not take to much resources and time, the downfall is that if you add extra files to it then it wont know about them till you have press saved in the plugins admin area. so I would suggest that you just click save again in the plugins admin area and see if that fixes your problem. Otherwise do you maybe have a sample site I can look at ? then I can try and see what it does in the html thanks Johannes
5 years ago
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Topic: flexiTheme - new plugin and theme

Version 1.4
Added menu selection combo boxes. It will be filled up with all the possible images in the /image folder and sub folders, to insure correct paths and names being entered.

5 years ago
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Topic: Minishop Plugin HTML Injection Vulnerability

K. then we must maybe let them know via the e-mail they provide, looks good if there website shows there is a patch./update for it. 

thanks for feedback


5 years ago
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Topic: Minishop Plugin HTML Injection Vulnerability

good day

Found these 2 articles (dont seem to be related that you need to be logged in to admin area)

Dunno if this was addressed but if it was we might need to let these 2 websites now as they state : 


Currently we are not aware of any vendor-supplied patches. If you feel we are in error or if you are aware of more recent information, please mail us at: [email protected]"

Just thought I'd mention it


5 years ago
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Topic: flexiTheme - new plugin and theme

Version 1.3
Fixed image display problem (header,body in CSS) where it was incorrectly prefixed with // and images could not be located. 
Changed text not to be in lowercase (headers and menus), will make this configurable in future.

5 years ago
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Topic: Add ?lang=[language] in URL ?

Good day


Might it be possible to add the language in the URL ? This way I can look at getting the sidebar info and header info to also change when the language changes ? otherwise the content is one language, but the sidebar is another





5 years ago


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