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Topic: Dominion SlideShow - New plugin


Good day
Added a new plugin called Dominion SlideShow , had to quickly do something for a client, thus not so great yet, but will try and let it grow and have more slideshow engines to select from and options etc.
hope it can help somebody
PS : sorry I dont give any attention to forums or plugins anymore, my son is very sick resulting in we dont really have time anymore for development. thanks 
Johannes Pretorius
5 years ago
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Topic: Introduction

Good day.

I see where I went wrong with my tutorial, I did not say that fluxbb must be downloaded and installed.

this is why there is confusion. I have updated the tutorial



FluxBB must be installed, you can download it from (We developed this with version 1.4.8)

It is best to install it in the root of your website under a directory for example fluxbb

and also



 functions.php file found at : <directory where fluxbb is installed>/include/functions.php


I hope this make more sense ? If not please let me know.

6 years ago
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Topic: 3 new themes

Hi there, just want to announce. 3 new themes released


Guitar Hero

Arc Sin





Edited: 6 years ago
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Topic: User Permission

Good day.

I am currently looking at a member area plugin and looking at what I can use and also want to combine with a language plugin and I have run into this while testing ideas.


If I create a member (like a superviser/moderator type person) and want to give them Rights to edit files and edit user permissions (ban people etc)

then they can give themselves any permission they please. They can also remove all there permissions except the user permission one. I would have thought that a person who has user permissions can only give permissions to those rights he has access/permissions to . For example lets say person A has rights to file editing and user permissions, then he can only enable and disable his file editing and user permissions on himself and anybody else (except admin)


Johannes Pretorius




6 years ago
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Topic: Introduction

Information page added at

6 years ago
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Topic: Facebook Page Gallery

Information page added at

6 years ago
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Topic: Simple Gallery Extended


added information page about this plugin at


6 years ago
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Topic: Search Engine Poker

Added a how to use/ tutorial page

6 years ago
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Topic: Introduction

Create a tutorial and how to use page


6 years ago
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Topic: Introduction

Here is a tutorial page


6 years ago


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