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Topic: Other jQuery Lightbox for gallery

I have written a plugin to replace colorbox with fancybox, will later enable it to allow even more gallery types. Main thing is you setup and use your gallery in gpEasy as always, when the user goes to your gallery then they will view it in the fancybox (and others later on) version of the gallery.


Have called it : Simple Gallery Extended

Johannes Pretorius


7 years ago
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Topic: automatic pages?

Create a dummy file called xyz. then EDIt that file and change it contents to everything to what is between the body tags in the html. The alternative is easier.


open the html file in browser. select all text, copy

in gpEasy go to Page manager then create new page

paste in the new page save.

it is just quicker, but the links will have to be manually re-linked.

will see if maybe can do script todo it, but the links will be a pain,. will really be quicker and easier of you just follow the easy route by creating new page and pasting into it.


hope I make sense





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Topic: automatic pages?
Will you be able to maybe supply one of the files ? Just to be able to look at it, if possible in all possible formats (html,odt)? Maybe I can write a quick plugin to help with that. tx Johannes Pretorius
7 years ago
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Topic: Media Player Advance

For those that might be confused on how to use this plugin. 

A) Create a normal page

B) Edit the page

C) Type what you want in the page, add images etc.

D) Then where ever you want add the mp3 tag ,this consist of the following : (% mp3:filename %) Note the file must exist in the media folder.

E) Save changes and your player will show.

F) To change players just go to admin area of media player and select a other player or change background color.

7 years ago
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Topic: Eve Theme 1.1 // some bugs ?

If I remove the width part in the first image then the rest shows correctly, is odd but maybe it can give a guide onto where it goes wrong, image below on how it looks when width removed.

7 years ago
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Topic: Forum Integrator

Hi there, the plugin originated from this forum entry

As Josh highlighted

Personally, I would avoid iframes for forum integration. Navigation and just getting the iframe height correct being some of the problems.

the idea is to make it almost easy for people to integrate where they want to, I am looking at chaning the fluxBB install file to add the required changes for gpEasy and then it is just a simple fluxBB install and gpEasy config and it runs. Basically not everybody knows how todo the iframes.


There was also mention of browser moaning about security in some scenario's but I dont think it is applicable if on the same server.


Thus in sort, is your choice, the idea is just to make it easy for people to use and intigrate.

hope I answer your questions 

Johannes Pretorius


Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: Media Player Advance

:) glad I can contribute. This one specific is something I want to try and develop more integrated with gpEasy's CKEditor. Want to look to make a plugin to add button to add dynamic tags, reason is I have more plugins I want to add this way as it allows a user to add a plugins contents anywhere in the text of the page (CKEditor text). Thus not seperate sections or pages but the contents itself can now have plugins inside them at selected places that the user has selected.


hope I make sense.

7 years ago
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Topic: Media Player Advance

Good day.

Hope this can help somebody, basically it is a media player plugin (mp3 files only in first version) that can have multiple types of media players to select from (2 in version version) and then also it allows you to place the media player ANYWHERE in your page content (the page text). This is done as explained below, but in short you add a tag where you want your text, the plugin picks up the text dynamically and add the player there. Note it works on multiple sections in 1 page also, thus can have multiple players  on a page if required.

Media Player - by Dominion IT
(First version just plays mp3 files)

How to use the plugin : 
Just add anywhere in your page the following tag (% mp3:filename %) 
(The file must exist under uploads/media/) where the filename is the 
name of the MP3 file you have uploaded (note it can be case sensitive). 
For example if I have uploaded My personal Song.mp3 to the media directory under 
uploads then the tag will be 
(% mp3:My personal Song.mp3 %)

Also NOTE : If you want to put in multiple files in 1 player (playlist)
seperate file names with ;
For example : (% mp3:My personal Song.mp3;OtherSong.mp3;Another One.mp3 %)

Version 1.0
Note : Future versions will have beter config for the filenames and playlists.




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Topic: Facebook Page Gallery


Version 1.2
Fixed bug (from code to allow sections to be created), that broke pages built from the Special page.
7 years ago
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Topic: Facebook Page Gallery

Version 1.1
Added code to allow Facebook Page Gallery to be added as a Section on any page. After setting up the gallery in the admin area just go to any page and under edit select New Section and then Select 'Facebook Page Gallery'. And the it will be added to your page. 

Note still only one page can be configured, will try and look of why to allow multiple pages to be shows on 1 site.

7 years ago


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