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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM

Thank you very much!

5 years ago
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Topic: Gallery thumbnails in 4:3 format, not squared. Possible?

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, this sounds not good.

But for the moment, I use a "workaround".

After uploading the pictures to the gallery, I replace the squared thumbnail images, with 4:3 thumbnails.

Not ideal, but always better than cropped images.

6 years ago
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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM

Very nice theme, well done!

Just one Question:

Which file/files do I have to edit, if I want five different slider instead of three?

I added some sections to "functions.php" and the "Sample Theme Admin Plugin", shows now Slider Image 4 and Slider title 4 section.

I copied the values from slider image3/title3 into the new fields, but only slider are shown on the website.

6 years ago
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Topic: Gallery thumbnails in 4:3 format, not squared. Possible?

I made a small gallery with motorbikes photos.

But the cropped thumbnails look just ugly.

As my uploaded pictures have all the same size, I would like to have the thumbs "uncropped" in their original aspect ratio.


6 years ago


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