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Topic: Gallery and text area side-by-side
> Am I too old-fashioned ...? We're talking about 1.3 % having JS disabled. For me that's way beyond my personal 5% radar limit. I think everyone surfing w/o JavaScript will have to be merciful when it comes to User Experience nowadays. Considering google maps, facebook, etc... But, er... no, it's not a drop-dead-beautiful solution ;-) [ posted with JS disabled :-) - therefore no formatting. ]
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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

I will take a look if i can resolve my conflicts by using only jQuery UI 1.8.7 components.
If so, it's probably a good advice for ohter theme/plugin developers to stick with 1.8.7 for backwards compatibility unless we can use a safe component loading function.

I'll tell my results here ...

Thanks for all the info!


7 years ago
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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

LoadjQueryUI( [component_list] ) Looks promising.

When you say gp|Easy < 3.5 uses only Sortable and Autocomplete:
With Nivo Slider for gp|Easy I had to include Widget (jQuery UI 1.8.22) to get Tabs working.
Sortable and Autocomplete also depend on Widget in 1.8.22 but it seems that the
included Widget in gpEasy (1.8.17 for gp|Easy 3.0.1 in this case) won't do it.

I don't believe that internal dependencies have changed in jQueryUI recently.
Is this a complete Widget component in 3.0.1?
If so anyone who uses jQueryUI should probably stick with 1.8.17 (or even older?) components to stay compatible with up to current gp|Easy versions.

And - a little OT and just for my curiosity - I like elfinder very much but I had some issues installing it under php 5.1.6 (got json errors). It works well under 5.3 though. Will elfinder force gp|Easy to PHP 5.2+?
I had a hard time to figure out which PHP version elfinder exactly demands (and had no luck so far).
/edit: finally found the info it on Github: elfinder 2 needs PHP 5.2.

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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

If I remember correctly Wordpress has sth. like registering jquery components?
Probably worth taking a look into that...

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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

Some jQueryUI functions trigger quite complex processes/event chains and it looks like it can be messed up when functions are loaded twice (i suspect so). I currently have the problem that - when I include additional components - some events fire twice. In some situations this only slows things down a bit but in others it interferes badly with calculations or animations. Very difficult to debug (at least for me) and probably error prone with different gp|Easy versions. 

For now I try to unbind every event before binding it to a function - not exactly in the inventors' sense :o)

> Does the CMS interface use jQueryUI and is there potential for conflicts?

Yes, the admin interface uses at least draggable/sortable. Probably some others, too. Josh knows better ;-)

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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

Currently the complete jQuery UI is about 300 kB including the smoothness theme.
From my point of view thats too large to be loaded completely by default. It's ok for the admin side but not for the frontend.

Modular loading would be great. Also optional loading from cdn.

But if I want to support older gp|Easy versions I need to make some fallback like

if (!common::LoadjQueryUI('autocomplete,accordion')) { MyLegacyLoadjQueryUI('autocomplete,accordion'); }

To make MyLegacyLoadjQueryUI() work I'd still need to know which components are already available in which gp|Easy version.
Should be possible with comparison of 2 arrays:

gpEasy_jQeryUI_customInfo = array(
"2.2" => array("Core","Widget","Mouse","Draggable","Droppable"),
"2.4" => ...
"3.5" => ...

and another one describing jQUI's internal dependencies.

Hmm. Josh, you're right, could get a little complicated.

Anyhow, I need datepicker and slider in my next plugin :-)





7 years ago
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Topic: Gallery and text area side-by-side

you could add some jQuery js like


<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready( function() {
... in one of the text sections. eq(n) n would be the numbers of the respective divs in the dom, floatingElement a css class with the width:50%; float:left 
Not exactly pretty (and not tested right now) but should actually work.
7 years ago
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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

... I'm also asking that because my new Nivo Slider Plugin already extends jQuery UI with Widgets and Tabs and as I've seen on Github 3.5 will include these components.



7 years ago
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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

Josh -

If one (like me :o) wants to extend jQuery UI on the admin side with some components/modules it would be great if there was some info about which components are already there.
From the super-minified version included in gp|Easy it's currently hard to tell.

Is there any chance in future versions to get a handy info to check before a plugin loads unneccesary extensions (and probably casts conflicts).

if there was sth. available like ...

$jQueryUI_customInfo = array(
'UI Core' => array('Core','Widget','Mouse','Position'),
'Interactions' => array('Draggable','Droppable','Resizable','Selectable','Sortable'),
'Widgets' => array('Accordion','Autocomplete','Button','Dialog','Slider','Tabs','Datepicker','Progressbar'),
'Effects' => array('Effects Core', 'etc.', 'etc.'),

...  then one could do sth. like...

global $jQueryUI_customInfo;

if (!isset($jQueryUI_info['Accordion']) {
$page->head_js[] = '/data/_addoncode/'.$addonFolderName.'/jquery-ui-extensions/jquery-ui-1.8.22.accordion.min.js';
$page->css_admin[] = '/data/_addoncode/'.$addonFolderName.'/jquery-ui-extensions/jquery-ui-1.8.22.accordion.min.css';

... in the Plugin_Admin.php

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Topic: security considerations for new Nivo Slider Plugin
Thanks Josh. I was a little irritated because of this (bogus) security advisory for MiniShop.
7 years ago


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