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Good plugin. However I'm missing an option to embed this plug-in, more specifically one category of the blog, in another page. Right now I can embed the full blog or the categories page, but not one specific category.

on 2015-05-27


on 2015-02-21

Danke für das Update!!!!
Nungehen auch die Bilder in den Blogeinträgen wieder.

on 2013-11-08

Nice Plugin, very useful. Thank you :)

on 2013-06-21

perfect!! i use it for news in my site

on 2013-04-15


on 2013-04-15

Really easy to use ! And does the job

on 2013-04-15

Non editable English names of months in archive.

on 2012-10-20


on 2012-10-20

Tres Bien

on 2012-10-20


on 2012-09-25

Great plugin..
i just create some "own tweak" for images at the sidebar with put a echo to SimpleBlogCommon.php line 583 before echo $content;
is there any way to create thumbnails image by default?

on 2012-03-23

Works fine, I only can’t find how to configure the feed. I don’t even find a feed button or something..

on 2012-02-22

perfect. just perfect.

on 2011-09-24

very cool plugin! Thank you!!!

on 2011-04-26

Very NICE blog addon! Very easy and useful.

on 2011-04-11

I like the way the articles’ titles are placed in the sidebar. This is actually exactly what I wished for.
But it would be nice if the user could change the date format easily. I changed it in the files index.php and SimpleBlogCommon.php, but a config file or something would be better, because I think my changes will be overwritten during the next update.

on 2011-03-19

What we need is tag!!!

on 2010-07-25

pretty cool with simplicity

on 2010-06-19


on 2010-05-30


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