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Image section type for responsive (grid/column) layouts. Images scale dynamically to fit into a clipping container. The container itself supports custom sizing methods. It's width will always match the section's width. The height may be set to be proportional (% of width), fixed (px or em) or to adapt to the section height (using %) if a height/min-height is defined.
A definable focus point will always keep the most relevant part of the image visible even in very wide or narrow rendering situations.
Images may have a caption, a full screen button and can link to internal or external pages, files or other images.

New features in ver. 1.5:
• Caption editing with CKEditor.
• Custom overlay color with Color Picker, incl. opacity. (rgba).
• Dropdown select for caption display method.
• "Open Link in Colorbox" option
• New, additional "Responsive Background" section type with optimized presets for background usage.
• Improved image preview area.


The plugin's 'focus point' feature is built on top of Jono Menz's great jQuery-focuspoint script. Visit

Change log:
Ver 1.5.2: Small changes for Typesetter 5.0. No new features.
Ver 1.5: Compatible with Typesetter 5, some new features (see above)
Ver 1.2: Small improvements and fixes, better integration in new Section Management (4.5rc1+)
Ver 1.1: Fixes a CSS path when plugin is installed manually.
Ver 1.0: Initial release.

That’s just the teaser image ;-)Different views
That’s just the teaser image ;-) 
That’s just the teaser image ;-)Different viewsNew Sections and Editor Components

Tags:  image, section, responsive, grid, focus point

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Used Most with Typesetter Versions 5.1.0   5.0.3   5.1.1   4.5.0
Last Updated4 years ago (2016-04-08)
Created4 years ago (2015-06-16)
Created Byjuergen
Service Providerdesign, web development & visual effects
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