Noto Sans Fonts

Not Yet Rated5 Downloads

Two Google Noto Sans Font Families in Woff Format

Created By mabu

Ckeditor update 462

Not Yet Rated81 Downloads

Update of Ckeditor to Version 4.62

Created By mabu

Gyre Fonts 2

Not Yet Rated28 Downloads

A set of fonts of the polish TEX Gyre usergroup for the ckeditor dropdown

Created By mabu

Trirong Font V3

Not Yet Rated23 Downloads

The Trirong Font for the Ckeditor dropdown

Created By mabu

Rif Multi Language Manager

Not Yet Rated157 Downloads

MultiLang plugin together with custom core texts and custom plugins texts translation

Created By rif

BBClone Page Counter

Not Yet Rated185 Downloads

BBClone page statistics (A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids)

Created By rif

Rif Backgrounds Changer

Not Yet Rated39 Downloads

The backgrounds images and colors changer for pages.

Created By rif

Dynamic Gallery

Not Yet Rated108 Downloads

Dynamic Gallery

Created By a2exfr

Rif Media Play

Not Yet Rated104 Downloads

Media List Player with powerful manager

Created By rif

Catalog Easy

5 ratings3,726 Downloads

Organize your child pages, and create some kind of catalog or portfolio witn pagination, sorting and navigation.

Created By a2exfr


Not Yet Rated326 Downloads

Star rating plugin

Created By a2exfr


Not Yet Rated401 Downloads

Smart PNG and JPEG compression

Created By a2exfr

Simple Event Calendar

6 ratings6,804 Downloads

Simple Event and Occupancy Plan Calendar including a gadget, list view and a yearly view page

Analytics for GA & Piwik

1 ratings698 Downloads

This Plugin insert the Trackingcode for GA or/and Piwik

Created By chrb1

Google Maps Marker

1 ratings1,960 Downloads

Marker for Google Maps

Created By a2exfr


1 ratings1,774 Downloads

Tabs and acordion

Created By a2exfr

Material Cards Catalog Easy Layout

Not Yet Rated878 Downloads

Material Cards Layout for Catalog Easy

Created By a2exfr

Simple Online Visitor

13 ratings4,511 Downloads

Simple Online Visitor Gadget

Created By Polesz

FreeMailForm Enhanced

Not Yet Rated713 Downloads

FreeMailForm + reCaptcha

Created By @ddwin

Exploit Checker

Not Yet Rated581 Downloads

Check your installation and server for malicious code

Created By Josh S.


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