2 ratings874 Downloads

A plugin to stream mp3 sermons.

Created By simonegli

Search Engine Poker

3 ratings2,043 Downloads

Ping Search Engines of site changes (site map submission)

Created By Dominion IT


4 ratings3,508 Downloads

Musicplayer for your website

Created By


3 ratings2,509 Downloads

Add Clean Urls and other SEO related features to Simple Blog

Created By fly06

Bootstrap Carousel Gallery

4 ratings3,567 Downloads

A dynamic gallery built from Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel

Created By Josh S.

Site Counter

20 ratings7,469 Downloads

Site Counter

Created By Josh S.

Newsletter Plugin

3 ratings1,697 Downloads

Newsletter Plugin

Created By martin

Simple Blog1

8 ratings2,443 Downloads

I needed some extra blogging functionality. I'm just sharing it here in case it helps anyone.

Created By site


3 ratings2,035 Downloads

Show your Twitter

Created By


13 ratings3,552 Downloads

An GPeasy Downloadpage-Plugin


15 ratings5,239 Downloads

Nice Guestbook with BBCode and Smileys

Created By

Simple Online Visitor

13 ratings4,215 Downloads

Simple Online Visitor Gadget

Created By Polesz


3 ratings2,443 Downloads

Flowplayer for gpEasy

Created By Polesz

Simple Gallery Extended

2 ratings1,558 Downloads

Extends the build in Gallery to use other gallery scripts in the fronted.

Created By Dominion IT

Shadow Box Gallery

1 ratings1,984 Downloads

A dynamic gallery for file sections and extra content

Created By Josh S.

Potato Menu

6 ratings2,340 Downloads

Simple Drop Down Menu for jQuery and gpEasy

Created By Polesz


9 ratings6,766 Downloads

A very small and limited Shop System

Expandable Text

3 ratings1,924 Downloads

Adds Expandable Text Option to Editable Areas.

Created By Josh S.

Share Easy

9 ratings3,841 Downloads

Help add sharing buttons to your site using social bookmarking service


3 ratings2,216 Downloads

Guestbook with BBCode, smileys (based on MyGuestbook by, enhanced to provide moderated entries, more entry data and much more

Created By Nix AG


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