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An plugin für developers


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Display recent tweets via the jquery library Tweet!. Requires your own twitter api credentials.

Created By site

Next Previous Page Walker

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Adds a next / prev link at bottom of page if page has child pages

Created By Dominion IT


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Run own PHP-Script on gpEasy


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RSS / Atom Feed Aggregator

Created By Namcub

Plugin Examples

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A collection of examples to demonstrate plugin functionality

Created By Josh S.

Dominion SlideShow

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Simple slideshow using jQuery Cycle Plugin

Created By Dominion IT

Pre Order

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Pre Order available products by email for pickup


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Add MimeTex support to gpEasy

Created By fly06


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un ensemble de plugin


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(FrontEnd) Users (Rights) Management

Created By fly06

Child Thumbnails

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Display a list of icons for the each child page

Created By Josh S.


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This plugin makes it easy to add fit-to-fill background video to websites. It can play silent ambient background video.

Created By juergen

Site List

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Manage lists and display them on your site using templates with template variables (beta version).

Created By site


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Adds left/right links for quick navigation through pages of same menu level.

Created By fly06


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Allow simple Blog html overriding in themes

Created By fly06

Mediaelement Player

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HTML5 Video and Audio Player. Adds <video> and <audio> element support to CKEditor. Uses native media playback in modern browsers and automatic Flash/Silverlight fallback in older ones.

Created By juergen

CKEditor Custom Colors

Not Yet Rated981 Downloads

Customize the Color Palette in CKEditor

Created By juergen

RSS Reader

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Manage yors RSS on website

Created By gpeasy


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