h5 - html5 template

28 ratings14,996 Downloads

Clean html5 powered theme, adaptive layout using media queries and lots of css3 goodness..

Created By syndicatefx


18 ratings11,639 Downloads

Simple corporative lightgrey with two color options

Created By syndicatefx

Metro Light

13 ratings8,412 Downloads

Metro Light is a modern, minimalist, and elegant gp|Easy Theme and is held at the Metro style of Windows 8.

Created By Juri-S


10 ratings8,307 Downloads

Free templates for gpEasy

Created By Oleg

Green And Plain

6 ratings7,877 Downloads

A free template from Free CSS Templates released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Created By Josh S.

Fbook 2.0

26 ratings7,613 Downloads

Facebook inspired theme

Created By syndicatefx


9 ratings7,148 Downloads

Theme with a easy to use banner-rotator

Created By multiliners


7 ratings7,025 Downloads

Cool dark blue(ish) for modern browsers

Created By syndicatefx

AW Cleanx

4 ratings5,385 Downloads

Responsive Clean gp|Easy Theme

Created By Gökhan Sönmez

Superior TM

10 ratings4,972 Downloads

Frontpage Slider Theme works with Sample Theme Admin Plugin

Created By David S

Skeleton Theme

Not Yet Rated4,455 Downloads

A bare bones theme to demonstrate the basics of theme creation.

Created By Josh S.


2 ratings4,379 Downloads

Simple theme

Created By OlegSv

Blue Sky

3 ratings4,334 Downloads

A modern, light-blue colored theme for gpEasy.

Created By Phil Smith


3 ratings4,310 Downloads

Slick, minimal and clean corporate theme

Created By syndicatefx


6 ratings4,296 Downloads

Simple theme.

Created By OlegSv


3 ratings3,413 Downloads

Dark and creamy colored theme.

Created By Larro

Business Casual

2 ratings3,387 Downloads

Bootstrap 3 responsive theme with Frontpage Slider.

Created By a2exfr

Bootswatch Flatly

3 ratings3,363 Downloads

Flat and modern

Created By Josh S.


9 ratings3,318 Downloads

BlackPiano Theme. Converted from Drupal Theme


4 ratings3,057 Downloads

Responsive Theme using HTML5, CSS3 and Media Queries

Created By BaBo


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