4.6 Beta 2


The second beta release of gpEasy 4.6 is now available for download from GitHub.

This is a development preview release. Please report all bugs to our issue tracker.

gpEasy 4.6 comes with:

  • Page Visibility
  • Improved section manager
    • Collapsible sections
    • Relabel and color-code
    • Preview new section on hover
    • Predefined classes
  • Updated third party packages
    • jQuery UI 1.11.4
    • reCaptcha 2
    • Colorbox 1.6.3
    • jQuery Cookie 1.4.1
  • Improved addon display
  • And More
Page Manager with new visibility option

4.5 Final


The final release of gpEasy 4.5 is now available for download!

As always, many thanks to everyone who has helped us develop the newest release by testing, reporting issues and developing new features.

4.5 Release Candidate 2

The second release candidate of gpEasy 4.5 is now available for download.

4.5 Beta 3

The third beta release of gpEasy 4.5 is now available for download.

4.5 Beta


The first beta of version 4.5 is now available to download.

It's only been a week since version 4.4 was released but we wanted to get the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements out for testing as soon as possible. Let us know what you think!



gpEasy 4.4 is now available for download. The newest release is chock full of bug fixes, security improvements and cool new features.

Many thanks to all the gpEasy users out there and a special thanks to Juergen for his tireless work on new features.

4.4 Release Candidate

gpEasy 4.4 has moved out of beta and into release candidate status. Download the new version from Github.

4.4 Beta 2


The second beta release of gpEasy 4.4 is now available. The new release fixes a few issues, makes installation more secure, cleans up some code structure and introduces fresh look for the admin interface.



It's been a while since our little CMS has been updated, so I felt it was time to set aside some time and work on the code a bit. For the most part, coding went smoothly and as of today, there's a new beta release available for download: Version 4.4b1.

So what's new?

  • Homepage can be set to something other than the first page in the main menu
  • Added support for password_hash() and password_verify()
  • Escape key closes admin popups
  • SPL Autoloading for addons (see the Example addon)
  • Multiple pages can be selected at a time in the Page Manager (hold down the shift key or control key to select multiple)
  • Many third party packages updated including jQuery and CKEditor

4.3 Beta 2


Our second beta release of gpEasy 4.3 is now available. This is primarily a bug-fix release for issues discovered in the first beta release. Of note, we fixed the delayed loading of the Uploaded Files admin page and LESS compiling should now be php 5.2 compatible.

Download 4.3 Beta 2


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