We Want Your Feedback

We want Typesetter to be the best darn CMS available... as long as it remains easy to use! So if you have some feedback for us, we'd love to hear it. To help us best address your feedback, please find the most appropriate section for your feedback below submit your comments accordingly.

Feature Requests & TypesetterCMS.com Feedback

Have an idea of how Typesetter could be even better? Then we'd love to hear about it! When submitting your idea, please keep in mind that we want to keep Typesetter as easy as possible to use. So, requests for eCommerce or groupware functionality will probably be turned down.

When wording your request, please keep in mind the following:

  • How will your request make Typesetter easier to use?
  • How will your request add to the usability of Typesetter without compromising the ease of use?

All feature requests can now be submitted and voted for here on TypesetterCMS.com.

Bug Reports

Find something that isn't working right? Or maybe it's just not very intuitive to use? We want to hear about it.

Submit your bug reports to our Bug Tracker.


If you don't have a feature request or bug report, and you're itching to share something with us, use the form below. Don't forget to add your email address if you want to hear back.



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