With Typesetter CMS, you have two options for accessing all of the administrative pages. You can either use the integrated administrator toolbar or navigate to the administrator home page.

Administrator Toolbar

Here you can see the administrator toolbar (in black) with the "Content" section expanded. Clicking on the cog (top-middle icon in the toolbar) will take you to the administrator home page. In addition to providing quick access to administrative pages, the admin toolbar includes the "Current Page" heading which will display options (eg "Rename", "Permissions", "Revision History" etc) specific to the currently displayed page.


Administrator Home Page

The administrator home page displays the same information as the Administrator Toolbar, but with all of the main groupings expanded.


Admin Pages


Page Manager
Organize the pages of your site and manage menus.
Uploaded  Files
Upload and organize images, pdf files, etc
Extra Content
Edit and manage extra content areas
Deleted pages are stored in the "Trash"


The overall design of your website is determined by your sites layout


Customize site-wide configuration options including keyworkds, contact form delivery, etc
User Permissions
Add and modify user settings
Enable or disable pretty urls
Missing Links
Control how Typesetter CMS handles requests when a page can not be found
Uninstall Preparation
If you need to remove Typesetter CMS from a server, you may need to run the uninstall preparation script before deleting the data files.


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