Below is a screenshot of the page manager. This is the main area to organize your pages, change layouts associated with pages, delete pages, etc.


The Page Manager allows you to organize all of your titles from one central location.
Drag 'n drop titles to their desired menu position, rename titles, create new titles, and more.
Main Menu

By default the Main Menu is the default menu for gpEasy. It has certain characteristics you need to be aware of.

  • if you remove a page from the Main Menu that page will NOT show up in the site map (/Special_Site_Map).
  • if you remove a gallery from the Main Menu it will not show up in the /Special_Galleries page.
  • the Main Menu is the ONLY menu that allows you to change a page's associated layout.

Therefore, if you are using multiple additional menus in your gpEasy installation it might be a good idea NOT to use the Main Menu in a layout, and keep it available for organizational purposes--site map, galleries, etc.

Page Options

View & Edit Page : Takes you to the selected title.
Rename/Detail : Opens popup window to rename file and change file's meta data.
Remove From Menu : Removes the selected page from the current menu. It does NOT delete the page.
Delete : Deletes the file and moves it to the trash.
Layout : Choose the layout associated with the selected page.
Insert Into Menu' : Insert a page before, after, or as a child page.



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