The "Uploaded Files" page is where you can view and upload files to your server/installation. Notice that in gpEasy 1.7+ there are now three optional view settings.
Uploaded Files Manager in gpEasy 1.7


When selected you are presented with the above page (on a fresh gpEasy install). Notice that on this page you cannot upload files. In order to upload files you must select a folder. Once a folder is selected you will notice the upload and create folder icons .
An example of the upload area for images.
Location of the uploaded files
Files uploaded through gpEasy to your server are located in ../data/_uploaded/ of your gpEasy install.
Creating new folders for uploaded files
Note in the above images that the top level folder does not have an icon to create a new folder, however, in subfolders such as "images" you will see a "create folder" icon as in the above image. You can easily create new folders in these subdirectories but to create a new folder in the top level you must upload it via FTP or create it with your server's file manager.
Do NOT bypass the uploaded files manager
Any method you use to bypass the gpEasy uploader will bypass thumbnail creation.
There are other problems with bypassing the gpEasy uploader. Often, gpEasy won't be able to delete these files because the file owner isn't the same.
In general, it's best to use the gpEasy uploader whenever uploading any files to the uploaded folder.


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