Updated for gpEasy 2.1

While the information on this page is still valid, gpEasy 2.0 introduced "sections" to pages. Now you can add a gallery to any page as a "section." See Edit Page for more information on sections.

Creating galleries in gpEasy can be accomplished via the Page Manager or more simply as of gpEasy 2.0 just add a gallery section to a page.

In the Page Manager select insert file and a window will pop-up prompting you to choose the type of file you want to create. After creating your gallery, or inserting it as a section, navigate to the page and click the edit button that appears on hover. Insert images and/or upload new images and apply captions by clicking the caption icon when hovering over images when editing the gallery.

The 'Galleries' Page

The page titled "Galleries" is a dynamic page that displays the first image from each gallery you've created. If you haven't created any galleries, this file will be empty. The URL/Page Slug for this file is "Special_Galleries"
Beginning in gpEasy 2.3 the Special_Galleries page no longer requires galleries to be in the "Main Menu"
Beginning in gpEasy 2.0 the Special_Galleries page only displays galleries that are included in the "Main Menu."

File Inclusion

While the following is still possible it is much easier to use gpEasy 2.0's new sections for File Inclusion or to add a gallery right inside of a page as a new section.

Want to put a gallery inside of a normal page? Here's how...
1. Edit the file you want the gallery to be in.
2. Type Template:NAME_OF_INCLUDED_PAGE where NAME_OF_INCLUDED_PAGE is the name of the gallery or page you want to include.
3. Save
Note #1: the name is relative to the page containing the gallery and the preview won't show the final result
Note #2: the above method of inserting a gallery page within another page does not require the common::AddColorBox(); code added to the template discussed below.
Note #3: Please read the File Inclusion wiki for more details on using File Inclusion in your pages.

Gallery Styling

gpEasy 1.7 introduces the ability to use plugins to style galleries. All that is needed is a plugin that has the styling for galleries. Once loaded the plugin styles will override the default gallery styles.


ColorBox is the thirdparty tool used to display galleries in gpEasy.
ColorBox image display settings
Goto "Admin"->"Configuration" and you will see "Colorbox Style" drop-down with "Example 1." As of gpEasy 1.6.3 there are 6 colorbox style examples to choose from. These styles are how the image(s) are displayed in ColorBox when activated.
How to use ColorBox on non-gallery pages.

Note: as of gpEasy 2.0 if you insert a gallery as a section in a page you do NOT need to do the following to enable Colorbox. It is automatically enabled on any and all pages that have a gallery section. Furthermore, if you wish to have some images open up in Colorbox on a page but do not want a gallery on that page, just add a section as a gallery and delete all images in that gallery section and save it. This will enable Colorbox for the page. Then link your images appropriately and add the necessary name="gallery" rel="gallery_gallery" to the link as discussed below and they will open in Colorbox.

To call the ColorBox javascript place
<?php common::AddColorBox(); ?>
into your template before the getheader call:
<?php gpOutput::GetHead(); ?>
This will ensure that ColorBox is called on all pages; however, to display an image you must add name="gallery" to the anchor of the image you want displayed. Furthermore, you can add rel="gallery_gallery" to the anchor of an image to group that image into a "gallery." This allows the user to scroll through all grouped images on that page within Colorbox.
<a href=".././data/_uploaded/image/your-image.jpg" name="gallery" rel="gallery_gallery">
<img alt="" src=".././data/_uploaded/image/your-image.jpg" style="width: 100px; height: 100px; " /></a>
As long as common::AddColorBox(); has been added to your template the above code for the image will cause it to be displayed in one of the 6 ColorBox style examples set in admin->configuration.
Editing ColorBox Gallery CSS
The forum post here [1] discusses editing the CSS of the gallery in gpEasy; however, this hack is one that is not suggested because it will be overwritten upon upgrade of gpEasy.

Creating your own gallery

Obvioiusly you can create your own gallery via CSS, javascript, etc. . .
Simply create a "page" and not a "gallery" in the File Manager and edit accordingly.


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