Debugging is a necessary and major part of the development process, and as with many open source projects, we need your help. If you find a bug within gpEasy, it is extremely useful to developers to have detailed information about the problem. Here's what you can do to help.

Finding Your Configuration File

gpEasy uses one of two configuration files. The most recent versions of gpEasy use the gpconfig.php file. If you have an older installation of gpEasy, your configuration may still be in the index.php file. Either one will work and the instructions below are the same for both.

Enable Debugging

The simplest method to gather error details is to enable error reporting in gpEasy. By default, error reporting is turned off.

To enable, open your configuration file (see above) in your gpEasy installation and find the following lines:







Then change them to:








Once error reporting has been turned on, go back to where you experienced the bug and try it again. Note any messages and error reports that are output for your bug reports.


Bugs are best reported to gpEasy's GitHub site:

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