Page editing in Typesetter uses True WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). This means that the colors, sizing and positioning of the elements on your page will be the same while you're editing as when visitors view your site.


Basic Editing Step By Step

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your site
  2. Navigate to the page you want to edit. For example:
  3. Move your mouse over the main content area and click the left mouse button
  4. A menu will display with the following items: "Edit", "Manage Sections", "Rename / Details", "Revision History" and "Page Manager"
  5. Click on "Edit" and the content area will transition into an editable area
  6. Make your desired changes (your changes will automatically be saved to a draft)
  7. Click "Publish Draft" to finalize your changes

Additional Menu Options

When you right-click to get the editing menu, you're presented with three options other than "Edit".


Manage Sections

Pages in Typesetter can be built with a single text area, or a collection of text, image and gallery areas. Clicking "Manage Sections" allows you to add and organize various content types in each of your pages.


Rename / Details

Change the name, title, url and meta attributes of the page.


Revision History

View a list of edits made to the current page.


Content Types


Editable Text

The Editable Text content type is the default content type of Typesetter. It allows the user to build custom html with the help of CKEditor's inline editing mode.


Image Gallery

An Image Gallery is a collection of image thumbnails that, when clicked, opens up a litebox viewer (colorbox) of the full size image. You can customize the layout of the lightbox in your site's configuration under the "Interface Section".


File Inclusion

Include the content of a gadget or another Typesetter page.

  • File Inclusion: choose another Typesetter page to include within the current page as a section.
  • Gadgets: add a gadget to the section. Gadgets are created by Typesetter plugins. They give added functionality to your site.


Custom Types

Custom content types can also be defined using Typesetter addon hooks.

See the "SectionTypes" hook for addons that have defined custom types.



CKEditor is the default WYSIWYG HTML editor for Typesetter. By default CKEditor has been setup with a wide range of toolbars. If you would like to setup your own toolbars please see the CKEditor Custom Toolbar documentation. To change the CKEditor configuration in Typesetter, open the "CKEditor" admin page under "Settings" in the admin toolbar.


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