Typesetter CMS lets you include Gadgets or (the content of) other Typesetter pages into your layout or any editable page's content. For this purpose there is the "File Include" content type available when you…

  • Add a new section to a page using Section Manager (Admin Top Bar ⇒ Page)
  • Create a new page via Admin Toolbar ⇒ Content ⇒ +Create New Page or via Page Manager
  • Add an element to an Area in Layout Editor

Sections or Areas with included pages cannot be edited directly like regular content. If you want to change them you will have to edit their source pages. You can include the same page into several other pages of your Typesetter website. Once you edit the source page, your changes will be visible wherever you included it. Note: The source page does not necessarily have to be part of a menu to in order to be includable into other pages.


Special pages (e.g Special_Contact, Special_Galleries) cannot be used with File Inclusion at the present time. This includes pages such as ones created with the Simple Blog plugin.



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