Typesetter CMS comes standard with a few links that are typically positioned at the bottom of the page. These include the "Site Map", "Login" and "Powered by Typesetter" links. There are a number of options for hiding and styling these links to match custom themes and fit in with developed sites.

Styling Links

These links are all wrapped with unique class names which makes it very easy to apply your own style.

An example CSS code that would affect all three links:

.sitemap_link, .login_link, .powered_by_link {
  position: absolute;
  left: -999em;
  top: 0em;
  width: 0em;


Hiding 'Powered by Typesetter'

The "Powered by Typesetter" link is a very significant factor in the ongoing success of our CMS, but we understand that some users will want to hide this link on their sites.

To hide this link on your installation, click the "Configuration" link in your admin panel. Then find the row labeled 'Show "Powered by" Link', and untick the checkbox, then save.

Alternatively, if you desire to give some "link love" to Typesetter but not have it displayed just style the link as follows:

.powered_by_link {display:none;}


The link will not be displayed to the visitor in the browser but is still in the code on the page.


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