For basic installation instructions, see gpEasy Installation

Installing gpEasy on your computer is easy with xampp or xampplite. The following steps will show you how to install xampplite and gpEasy locally and also make it portable (USB install).

Step 1 Download the zip file of xampp lite here. Unzip the contents--it will extract to the folder 'xampplite.' Alternatively you can use xampp if you need more services; however, xampp lite has everything gpEasy requires.
Step 2 Place the extracted 'xampplite' folder wherever you like as long as you do not remove the contents to a root directory. You may also rename the folder if you wish however, for this tutorial we will stay with xampplite as the folder name.
Step 3 Open the folder and double click "setup_xampp.bat." You will be asked several questions via a command prompt dialog. The questions are straight forward.
Step 4 The last question in the command prompt will ask you to choose a number to start a xampp service. Choose '1' to start the xampp control panel and then close the command prompt dialog.
Step 5 Click "start" to the right of "apache" on the xampp control panel. This will begin the apache server. In the future to start the xampp control panel, double click the file 'xampp-control.exe' within the xampplite folder. When ending a session simply click the start button again which has turned into a "stop" button. Then click exit to close the xampp control panel. Xampp lite is now setup and ready to act as your local server. Now you only need to install gpEasy. Please remember that apache must be running in order to us gpEasy locally on your computer, thus you will need to start the xampp control panel and apache before accessing your local install.
Step 6 download gpEasy and unzip the contents into a folder--this will generally be gpEasy by default.
Step 7 Copy the gpEasy folder you just extracted.
Step 8 Navigate to the 'xampplite' folder, open it and then the 'htdocs' folder (/xampplite/htdocs/)--this is the localhost folder, similar to your public or www folder on your server. If you install gpEasy in the htdocs folder it will be at the root level (http://localhost/); however, if you add a folder within the 'htdocs' folder then that will be a subdirectory, thus if we pasted the gpEasy folder directly into the 'htdocs' folder we would then be installing gpEasy at 'http://localhost/gpEasy/' which is exactly what we are going to do.
Step 9 Paste the gpEasy folder directly into the 'htdocs' folder--you are creating a subdirectory.
Step 10 Start your browser and navigate to http://localhost/gpEasy/ this will begin the gpEasy install.
Step 11 The installer will automatically load and prompt you for an administrator username and password.

If all went well you should be looking at a fresh install of gpEasy on your computer. If you move the xampplite folder at any time it will be necessary to run the "setup_xampp.bat" file to reconfigure the internal linking.

If you choose to install xampp lite & gpEasy on a USB simply select no in the command prompts when asked if you want to use drive letters.

EasyPHP is a decent alternative to xampp; however, you will need administrator rights to install it and the root folder name is www.


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