There are two possible methods for moving your data from one server to another. Due to limitations with php, the preferred method of using Typesetter's Export tool may not be available and the manual method may be required.

Preferred Method: Using Export Tool

1) Prepare New Server

Install Typesetter on the new server

2) Export Data From Old Server

Typesetter's Export tool can be found under the "Tools" heading of the admin toolbar. Once the Export page has loaded, you can change the export settings, but the defaults should work just fine. Click the button that reads "Export" and Typesetter will package all your data into a compressed folder.

3) Download Data

If you are not prompted to download the export, click "Download" next to the most recent entry. If you chose the default settings, you will now have a .zip or .bzip file on your computer.

4) Upload to New Server

Upload the exported .zip or .bzip package to your new server. Make sure you upload it to the <your_typesetter_installation>/data/_exports folder.

5) "Revert" to New Data

Now that the exported package is on your new server, navigate in your browser to the "Export" page on your new site, locate the entry for the export you just uploaded and click "Revert". Typesetter may prompt you for ftp username and password if it needs writing permissions.


Alternate Method: Manual Move

All of the data for your Typesetter installation is conveniently stored in your /data directory, so to move your installation all you really need to do is get the contents of your /data directory to the new server and make sure those files are writable. Below is a guide on how we recommend going about this endeavor.

1) Install Typesetter On Your New Server

The best way to start the whole process, is to make sure Typesetter works well with your new server. So start fresh and make a new installation on your new server.

2) Upload Your Data

Within your new installation of Typesetter, locate your new /data directory and rename it to something like /data_install. Now, upload your old server's /data directory to the new server. If using FTP, you'll probably have to download your old /data directory to your computer then upload it from your computer to your new server. Also, if you are currently using any themes other than those shipped with Typesetter you will also need to upload those themes to the /themes folder on your new server.

3) Check For Writability

Now, we just need to make sure Typesetter can write to your new /data directory. Try logging in to your new server the way you would have on your old server (same username/password). If you can't log in, you'll need to follow the steps below to make the /data directory writable. If you can log in, make sure you can edit one of your pages. If you are unable to edit a file, chances are you need to make the /data directory writable and should follow the steps below.
Make /data Writable
Using an FTP program like FireFTP, navigate to the root directory of your new installation, right click on the /data folder then look for a "Properties (incl. contents)" option. You'll want to set the permissions for /data and all of it's contents to be writable by PHP. A setting of 0777 will work, but may be more than necessary.

4) Check Images

If you moved your site from to http:/ you'll need to check the images in your files to make sure they display properly. If they aren't displaying, use the WYSIWYG editor to locate them again.


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