Typesetter CMS automatically generates navigation menus when the proper Output Functions is placed in a theme.

Selecting the type of navigation menu you want displayed is easy. Hover over the menu you want to change and click the "Edit" link.


You will be presented with the following pop up window.


If you have created additional menus in the Page Manager you will see them listed in the "Source Menu" drop down.

Custom Menu


This is where you can choose more precise setting for how the menu behaves.

You can also edit the navigation menu when you are in the "edit layout" page.

Custom Menu Options

Below Level

Sets the level at which links should be displayed below. The "level" refers to the level the file is at in the Page Manager.
When using the "Below Level" options you should be aware that any file in the Page Manager that is higher than the set level will not be displayed.

At And Above Level

Sets the level for which files will be displayed at and above a certain level for which they are located on the menu.

Expand Menu Below This Level

Sets the level at which ALL links will be expanded to.

Arranging Links

Typesetter CMS uses the Page Manager to create your navigation menus. Therefore, when you wish to alter the arrangement of your navigation menu links you need to rearrange your menu via the Page Manager.


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