Now that you've put the work into creating an add-on for Typesetter CMS, why not get some credit for your work? Follow these steps to upload your add-on to

1) Create an Account

Before you can upload themes or plugins to, you'll need to create an account. All you need to register is an email address and password. (We won't give away your email address or send you spam)

2) Create an Entry For Your Add-on

Once you've created an account and logged in, you can create an entry for you add-on. Select "Plugin" or "Theme" according the type of add-on you've created then click "Continue".

3) Add-on Details

The next screen will allow you to submit details about your add-on that will help users find it. These include Name, Short Description, Long Description and Tags. Each field can be edited later if you make a mistake or need to update the information.

4) Addon.ini

Before you can upload a zip archive of your add-on, you'll need to create a release and make sure your Addon.ini file is correct.

Select "Add Release" and enter the version number of your add-on. You'll want to assign the same value to the Addon_Version value in your Addon.ini file.

Other values you should pay special attention to are the "Addon_Unique_ID" and "Addon_Name" values.

  • Make sure the Addon_Unique_ID value matches the UNIQUE_ID online.
  • Make sure the Addon_Name value matches the Name you submitted online.

5) Upload Zip

All that's left to do now is create a zip archive of your add-on and upload it. Once uploaded, select "Mark as Current" to make your new release the active version and enable downloading of the archive.


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