Upgrading to a newer version of Typesetter is, just as it should be, very easy. Just follow the steps below to get the most recent version running on your site.

Automated Updates

Typesetter allows you to update your site directly from your installation. Shortly after a new release is available, you'll be notified of the available update and prompted for action in your administration toolbar. Depending on your server, you may need to input ftp connection values to complete the installation.


1) Download the Latest Package

Go to TypesetterCMS.com to download the latest Typesetter release.

2) Unzip/Untar the Package

Open the downloaded package and copy the contents to your computer. Most computers will be readily equiped with the software required to open the Typesetter packages.

3) Updating the /include and /themes directories

Updating the /include and /theme directories will ensure you have the most recent features and designs.

To minimize the impact to users while upgrading, we recommend the following:

  • Upload the new /include directory first.
  • Upload the new /include directory to a different path first. Something like /include_new. Then once the upload is complete, rename the old /include path to /include_old and /include_new to /include. This way none of the new code will accidentally be executed with old code.
  • If you have built custom themes, be careful not to delete them when replacing the /themes directory. Instead, you should replace each of the themes individually.

4) Optional: Update Your Addons

It is certainly optional, but also recommended to also update the addons you have installed. Typesetter is prepackaged with the most recent versions of the Multi Site plugin and you can find the latest releases for other plugins and themes on TypesetterCMS.com.


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