4.3.1 (2013-11-10)

  • Fix .htaccess file creation
  • Better handling of memory in php for less compiler
  • Fix path for variables.less file
  • Add 'vary' headers
  • Check 'Accept' request header for acceptable response header
  • Updated Finnish translation
  • Small less.php performance improvements

4.3 (2013-11-4)

  • Less.php stability

4.3rc1 (2013-10-14)

  • Use Bootswatch Flatly as default theme
  • Add Estonian translation
  • Update less.php
  • Display variables.less file in theme editing window
  • Check memory limit
  • Use filemtime and filesize for cachebusting the generated css file
  • support tls:// in phpmailer

4.3b2 (2013-09-24)

  • Fix finder delay
  • Fix phpmailer autoload
  • Correct CleanCache()
  • Update Less.php
  • Only call touch() occasionally for generated css/less files
  • CSS for Flatly footer
  • phpmailer 5.2.7

4.3b1 (2013-09-21)

  • Added support for LESS
  • Available Themes and Layout Editing redesigned
  • Added Afrikaans and Croatian transalations (Thank you DominionIT and Christosvas21)
  • Added Bootstrap3
  • Mod_rewrite with environment variables or configuration value
  • Pretty urls for IIS
  • Search using quoted strings (Thank you Fly06!)
  • Ensure clearfloat doesn't create whitespace
  • Updated old links in About popup
  • verified value added to creq/cnreq links in php instead of js
  • Added gpSettingsOverride()
  • Added kses to thirdparty packages
  • Fatal error handling improvements
  • Add 'More Info' links for addons with ids
  • AllowedExtensions() hardened
  • Handle multiple redirects in RemoteGet() correctly
  • Save admin messages if redirected
  • Fix combine for css files with import
  • CKEditor 4.2.1
  • jQuery UI 1.10.3
  • Fix rename when titles contain ampersand characters

4.0 (2013-05-20)

  • Mitigate bootstrap & jquery ui conflicts
  • Save data_folder for all addons
  • Admin styling
  • Fix Page Options bug

4.0rc3 (2013-05-13)

  • More secure password storage and login encryption using sha512
  • Gallery editing options added: interval, auto start, width & height
  • Prevent right click overlay when editing
  • Improved fatal error management
    • check for changes to files causing fatal errors
    • notify admins of any caught fatal errors
  • CKEditor 4.1.1
  • Admin_Main changed to Admin
  • excludes option for scripts

4.0rc2 (2013-04-30)

  • Right click for content area options
  • Let themes manage multiple templates
  • Make sure jquery is first js include
  • Prevent including jquery ui elements twice
  • Fix extra content editing with addon datype
  • options added to gallery editor

4.0rc1 (2013-04-26)

  • Multiple templates per theme
  • Content Section Options
  • Twitter Bootstrap integration
    • New Bootstrap theme
    • More OutputMenu() options
  • Plugin/Layout reorganization
    • One click installation
    • Addon hooks within themes
    • Removed developer installation option
  • Removed deprecated functions
  • Use touch() to extend life of cached css files
  • Revert to simple css minifier
  • Responsive main admin window

3.6 (2013-03-24)

  • ckeditor 4.1
    • custom extraAllowedContent
  • added getconfig() and saveconfig() methods for plugins
  • added HeadContent action
  • chmod only if new file
  • fix for savesection filter
  • getdata for gallery editing

3.6rc4 (2013-03-08)

  • ckeditor 4.1rc
  • remove cdata from <script>
  • archivetar without pear
  • findstring() fixes for blog search
  • remove control characters from all requests
  • populate frequent scripts


  • CKEditor configuration admin
    • CKEditorPlugins filter
  • Content types for extra content
  • Remove browser prefixes in css
  • Position admincontent before load
  • Clarify permalink buttons


  • gpFinder 2.2.1
  • Add ckeditor configuration options
  • Bugfixes
    • Reduce memory usage for gallery editor
    • Check ini disable_functions


  • Improved WYSIWYG with CKEditor 4
  • Focus on valid html5
  • Handle fatal errors in addon scripts
  • Parse $_SERVER['RAW_HTTP_COOKIE'] if it exists
  • Correct urlencoding of all links
  • Set gpdebug before it might be used
  • Remove admin window docking option
  • Removed gp_internal_redir
  • Not combining js and css files if admin is logged in
  • Make sure doctype is added to page
  • Cleaning js files according to jslint suggestions
    • Removed eval response option
  • File locking
  • Updated thirdparty compontents
    • jquery
    • jquery ui
    • colorbox
    • tablesorter
    • gpfinder


  • Finder fixed for windows
  • Delay setting editing permission
  • Define missing page parameters in update_class
  • dirname() for windows


  • Add $page->theme_addon_id back to core
  • Fix order of css files


  • Update jquery_cookie.js
  • Open powered by link in new window
  • Update gpeasy.com links


  • Remove unselectable during gallery save
  • Fix func_get_args() usage in mb functions
  • Added hooks: GetUrl, FileDeleted, LoggedIn
  • Fix special page browser title
  • Fix file_exists for ftp
  • Fix ReturnTextWorker
  • Fix user editing settings
  • Enable netmount and archive functionality in finder
  • static functions


  • Homepage links without mod_rewrite shouldn't include index.php/
  • Fix dynamic menu replacement
  • Add AcceptPathInfo to htaccess
  • Fix mb_substr infinite loop
  • Show current version in update prompts
  • Static functions
  • Correct error reporting for strict errors


  • Page history
  • New default theme with header image
  • Description character count
  • Layout editing disabled when previewing themes
  • Many getImage bug fixes
    • Black backgrounds
    • Image overlap in chrome
    • Show all images in themes
    • Use png for all custom images
    • Allow multiple getImage areas
  • Fix theme search
  • Declaring static methods for strict compat
  • Nonce added to finder
  • Better gp_safe_mode handling
  • Checkbox positioning
  • Use createThumbnail() for finder changes


  • gpOutput::GetImage() added
  • Search addon improved and integrated
  • Error logging fixed to also fall back on the standard PHP error handler
  • GetMessages() returns messages instead of outputting
  • Added common::RequestType()
  • Added mb_* fallback functions
  • Removed php 4.3 compatibility funcitons
  • Fix missing file redirection
  • Hierarchical special pages
  • Simplified getCoords()
  • Regen combined files if installation moves
  • editing.gif used for editable areas
  • ckeditor 3.6.5


  • Uploaded File Manager Rebuild Using elFinder
  • common::LoadComponents() for common js and css files
  • jQuery 1.8.1
  • Use google cdn for jquery ui if using cdn for jquery
  • Minimum requirements changed from 4.3+ to 5.2+
  • PHPMailer 5.2.1
  • CSSMin 3.0.1
  • CSS/Js files combined into static files instead dynamically generated
    • CSS @font moved to front of combined files
  • More details XSS message
  • Http only cookies when available for admin session cookie
  • Include most jquery ui components
  • Removed unused $langmessage values
  • Bug Fixes
    • Image paths in galleries for windows systems
    • Forgotten password link
    • Cookie Command removal
    • Colorbox options when logged out


  • XSS vulnerabilities fixed
  • Multiple issues with update script fixed
  • Fix missing file redirection
  • mod_rewrite using ? with qsa
  • ckeditor 3.6.5



  • Prevent multiple send attempts of contact form
  • Fixed forgotten password link
  • Notice about php version if less than 5.2
  • Remove cookie_cmd with logout


  • Menu css options for each layout
  • Rebuilt OutputMenu() with <li> classes
  • Honeypot CAPTCHA
  • Display errors when using @ and gpdebug is true
  • Bug Fixes
    • Use custom json encode function
    • set $page->layout_css to false when previewing a theme
    • decode theme_path when adding to $css_files array
    • home page url if it's a renamed special page
    • remove last comma from titles list for IE
    • $page->label for <title>


  • More information displayed about uploaded files
  • percent encoding for directory portion of urls
  • session locking that still allows locked user to log in
  • debug with addon version
  • added gpOutput::is_front_page()
  • Addon search navigation
  • Prevent errors with get* functions when first argument isn't provided
  • trigger_error when deprecated sendEmail() is used
  • check encoded paths in combine.php
  • $page->theme_path
  • More informative die message
  • Addon id of themes
  • Bugs
    • prevent contact form from attempting to send twice
    • Check gpAdmin first in HasPermission()
    • Undefined variable $menu_permissions in special.php
    • Make sure admin_too


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