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Delayed publication

Follow This IdeaBy [email protected]13 years ago7 Comments

Option is set publishing date page.  

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Allow multiple named content areas on the same page

Follow This IdeaBy site12 years ago10 Comments

Currently on a page within template.php, $page->GetContent(); is called to obtain the main content for that page. It would be useful to have other areas within a page to obtain content speci...

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Allow a user/group to edit specific pages down the level

Follow This IdeaBy bigmac13 years ago1 Comments

To Manage x. Teams on 1 Page and only responsible User of the Teams can manipulate the right pages Example 1 2 3 4 5 (Level) A B - B1 - B11-B111 ! - B2 - B21-B211 ! - B3 - B31-B311 ! - -...

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File Download Counter

Follow This IdeaBy [email protected]13 years ago2 Comments

A Counter In the buiilt in Uploaded Files Manager  that gives the number of times a file is downloaded.  

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ability to customize image thumbnail

Follow This IdeaBy Charles S13 years ago1 Comments

Currently gpEasy auto-generates a thumbnail image for each and every image uploaded. This isn't really a downsized version of the original image because the thumnail is 100x100 thus it often ends up b...

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Automatically check for new version (on/off)

Follow This IdeaBy Stano12 years ago

Allow users to turn on/off the notifications of availability of a new version of plugins or themes or gpEasy. Or add some setting for the time interval for checking for new versions.

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Allow CSS within a page

Follow This IdeaBy Charles S13 years ago9 Comments

In general you cannot add CSS within a page without having invalid markup (due to w3c specifications--all CSS should be in the head). This can be somewhat of a nuisance at times. Feature idea: A simpl...

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Page Manager to improve by Diana

Follow This IdeaBy Diana12 years ago

Check boxes to delete several page at a time. It's a bit long, delete one by one.

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News/article system/user login/register system/Forum

I really miss a system where a logged in admin/or user with granted access can create and publish news and store 'em in a news archive. A login/register and profile system would have been gre...

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Gallery images tree structure for folders for 2.0+

Follow This IdeaBy Charles S13 years ago16 Comments

In 2.0 when we edit a gallery we get the new gallery/file manager. When we click on the drop down for the folders we can only go one level deep at a time. It would be easier to navigate if the sub-fol...

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