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Advanced styling with Section Properties (custom CSS classes, styles and JS)

Follow This IdeaBy juergen9 years ago23 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

This is merely an extended variant of Eric's add custom class to sections idea (which has far too few votes by now! ;-)   Here is a more legible version. Available classes: ...

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add "sections" to "extra content" areas

Follow This IdeaBy Charles S10 years ago5 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

The new "sections" for a page's content area are great. I would love to see that idea brought over to the "extra content" areas. Right now extra content is only an editable text area--you can't add ga...

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add searched page to a menu

Follow This IdeaBy Charles S10 years ago1 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

In the page manager we can search for pages. Very helpful when you have many pages. However, after you search and find the page you are looking for there is no way to add it to a specific menu--that w...

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Print or turn an articel to PDF

Follow This IdeaBy [email protected]9 years ago6 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

It would be nice to have the options of printing or turning to PDF an article

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"Powered by" link to open in a new window

Follow This IdeaBy Eric9 years ago1 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

I want to help gpEasy by providing this link, but at the same time I don't want visitors to leave my site when clicking an external link. There should be an additional checkbox in Configura...

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Uploaded Files > Rename file

Follow This IdeaBy Stano9 years ago2 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

To add the Rename File command in the Uploaded Files manager. // new filename could be obtained by using the standard simple javascript prompt() function: // var new_name = prompt(&quo...

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multiple delete pictures, & rename option

Follow This IdeaBy Diana10 years ago7 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

It should be possible, select multiple images or folders to erase. You can choose several images to download, but you can not delete multiple images at once on server. Also add an optio...

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Character count for description field

Follow This IdeaBy Eric9 years agoCompleted 8 years ago

This is a minor request. Since the generally recommended length of metadescription is 160 characters, it would be nice to have those counted as you type. The counter could even change color when yo...

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Page Backup/ Versioning/ History

Follow This IdeaBy [email protected]10 years ago4 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

I would like to have a feature that you can undo the changes you made to certain page(and not only the undo function in the text editor. After you saved a page you can't rollback to the previou...

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Automatic resizing of images

Follow This IdeaBy Benjamin10 years ago16 CommentsCompleted 8 years ago

Add an automatic resizing for images to the target size. That way you can upload your 3 megapixel photos to the site and they are still displayed in a resonable resolution. The nessecity to resize ima...

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