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Gallery images tree structure for folders for 2.0+

Follow This IdeaBy Charles S10 years ago16 Comments

In 2.0 when we edit a gallery we get the new gallery/file manager. When we click on the drop down for the folders we can only go one level deep at a time.

It would be easier to navigate if the sub-folders were also displayed in the drop down, possibly a collapsible/expandable tree view.


Please add CKfinder as file manager. Then this can be done. See the demo.

As advertised its Light, quick and easy to integrate with ckeditor wich is in gpEasy already. Also its solves part of feedback idea 54.

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CKfinder looks good! Would be perfect if it also allowed you to edit the caption for an image so that a particular caption would follow an image instead of re-entering a caption every time you used the same image, but I doubt that's an issue for most people. 


Nice find!

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Yeah CKFinder is nice, but what about licence ?

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oops. . . that's doesn't look like it will fly.

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Found a better one: KCFinder!

Lgpl and has multiselect. Has more options for multiselect in general.

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I could only get the demo to work in IE9. .  .???????

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Charles, have you tried to refresh browser cache? In a quick test it worked well in Opera, FF, Chrome, Safari, IE7-9 (compat.modes).

KCFinder looks cool and is also multilingual!

Jogai, you have bingo! :-)

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I'm happy to contribute something useful.

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Yeah, FF clears every time it closes and I tried Chrome in incognito and after clearing cache. I use the portable versions of browsers (how I have windows setup to be secure) but that shouldn't cause a problem. 


That's what I get in FF & Chrome. . .



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@Strodtbeck: Time to switch to Linux ;-)

A wild guess: KCFinder uses local storage and that functions not right in portable browsers?

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Linux will be my next setup :)

Love CrunchBang! But have Win7 setup properly for now.


Local storage works fine in my portable browser setups. I don't have all that turned off as some do — I'm using them on the HDD itself not a USB. I just us all portable apps to partition everything off from the OS thus my C drive is read only and therefore nothing can write to it thus very difficult for malware and viruses to get in. :)  . . . not to mention I don't get the typical Windows slow down over time.


However, it could be something simple with how they have the demo setup — all other demos on the site work fine.


Nonetheless, it looks great in IE :)

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Found the problem. . . . duh.


Cookies. . . .. always freakin' cookies!


I have Chrome to block cookies in general and a plugin on FF to turn them on & off, had it off and forgot about it.

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Wow! So from now, these are three basic errorfixing tasks: enable cookies, enable javascript and clear browser cache. :)

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The gallery editor doesn't use CKEditor so changing it to use KCFinder may be a bit difficult. I do like the idea of using one image interface for text areas that do use CKEditor and gallery editing though.. and KCFinder is very nice.

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You can use KCFinder standalone, see the standalone demo of KCFinder.

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BTW. . .


I want to make it clear that my initial feature request is not tied to the "file manager" though a tree structure there wouldn't hurt IMO.


It is for a folder tree structure when editing a gallery — you currently get a drop down that only allows you to navigate one folder level at a time and for some sites that have a lot of pictures (e.g. tutorials;) that are organized into many folders it gets a little confused not being able to see the entire structure of the folder system when hunting for an image.

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