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Allow multiple named content areas on the same page

Follow This IdeaBy site9 years ago10 Comments

Currently on a page within template.php, $page->GetContent(); is called to obtain the main content for that page.

It would be useful to have other areas within a page to obtain content specific for that page i.e. a side bar. Further they would be accessed by calling something like $page->GetContentArea('sidebar'); yet have all the same functionality as $page->GetContent(). This allows for more complex layouts. There may be other/better ways to do it already.

I've already modified a gpEasy 2.3.3 install to do this. Let me know if you want a copy.




I've been thinking about multi-column layouts, which is basically the same. I also think it would be usefull to have more than one (non-static) content area in a template sometimes.

The title is just a little misleading, since you can have as many content areas as you wish already, but those are static for all pages with that layout (like the header or footer areas).

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Yeah perhaps a better title would be "Multiple named dynamic content areas on a page" - I'v just referred to the static content as extra content.

Columns is a great example of this. Another one is banners on a page.

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That's just what I was looking for. Could you give an example or link on how to do "Multiple named dynamic content areas" on the same page.


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site, could you send me the code you used? I have some ideas for multi-area layouts and would like to test them out. Please contact me at   info at itrichter de

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That really would be a big step forward.
I would certainly use gpEasy more often, if there would be no such limitation on only one (dynamic) conten-area.
This was - in some cases - the killer-argument not to choose gpEasy.
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This doesn't truly satisfy this feature request, however it may be worth it to some to check out the Site Page Extra plugin to get a least dynamic content in a gadget.
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The following works fine.

gpOutput::GetExtra('2nd_Content','Edit 2nd textblock now');


With GetExtra(' ',' ') you can add any number of editable content blocks.

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Silkester, you're right that GetExtra allows unlimited named extra blocks on the same page. However, they don't have the same functionality as the GetContent() block to be able to add sections, attributes, etc.



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I see the flaw in

gpOutput::GetExtra('2nd_Content','Edit 2nd textblock now');

it's the same content on every page, not very useful. Working with just one content block is very taxing for end user who update their sites only every second month. To use a CM with small sites is usual done when the person editing isn't savy with their computer. I hope for more content blocks in the near future.

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I know the topic is old, but i have a solution.

You can do it over gpOutput::Get('Extra','CONTENT NAME');

But you have to create a extra Theme for each page with different content, install it manually.

Save as layout and put it on the wished page.

Easy and fast way.

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