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Topic: Colorbox Styling

Hi @all !

Wouldn't it be great to change the style of colorbox matching to your template design?

On the colorbox website are offered 5 examples.

Maybe you fit them to gpeasy and let the user choose in the Admin Configuration.

Thanks :D


10 years ago
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Topic: open image in a popup

We have a plugin called Colorbox Extender in development, which allows to use Colorbox for cutom images only by applying the class 'colorbox' to the <a> tag.

it works fine when i am administrator, but after i log out, i can't obtain no popup image.

That’s because Colorbox will only be loaded on gallery pages normally (and it will always be loaded when you’re logged in)

You could use the Colorbox Extender plugin or just add


to your template.php, in order to always load it.


4 years ago
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Topic: Colorbox Styling

The main issue involving other ColorBox styling is that gpEasy uses a modified version of ColorBox. ColorBox, by default, does not support minWidth or long captions.

The minWidth option isn't much of an issue, but long captions are quite significant. I've had to modify the Javascript and CSS to get the current styling to work properly and haven't had the time to look at the other ColorBox styles. I was also hoping these features would be built into the core of ColorBox (discussion and other requests) but as of yet, they have not.

Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: Simple Slideshow auto play?

Isnt it better to use the colorbox plugin included with gpEasy?

//nextDiv is the gallery you want to turn into a slideshow
	rel : +i,
	open : true,
	opacity : 0.5,
	slideshowSpeed : 2500,
	slideshowAuto : true

This is untested code, just to give an idea.

More options for colorbox are here :

8 years ago
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Topic: Gallery - double scripture

Yes, that's an old Colorbox issue.

But you can try the 5 different Colorbox styles by changing AdminToolbox->Settings->Configuration->Interface->Colorbox Style-> [ Example 1- 5 ]



4 years ago
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Topic: [Plug-In Request] Force Colorbox usage for all pictures/ ima



just realised, that gpEasy has no option to 'force' the system to use the colorbox system. From a designers perspective it would be great to use the colorbox system continously and stringent within the CMS.

Due to this; Is there a chance to get a plug-in, which forces the CMS to use the colorbox settings for all pictures/ images? Would be amazing to see that!

Thanks and Regards.

7 years ago
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Topic: Same "pop-up" as the image gallery and download pa

It can be done. I played around with it a long time ago but have forgotten how to do it.

The above link is the demo page for Colorbox and as you will see there are html items and iframes in colorbox. However, you will need to know a little about JavaScript to hack it into gpEasy.

9 years ago
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Topic: colorbox without description?


I have made all my sites to automatic display all imges in the colorbox. That works fine,

I don`t find a solution to display a description within the colorbox, because there ist no need for  <a>-tag in the htmlcode and I can`t add the information to it.

Is there a solution for this issue?



8 years ago
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Topic: Colorbox problem

I have found a problem with Colorbox after updating from TS 4.x to TS 5.x

In my theme template I have lines

   <?php  common::AddColorBox(); ?>

And I have successfully use link with class="fotobox" to open images in colorbox style on TS 4.x.

But on TS 5.x this  no longer work.

May be I need to make some changes in template?

4 years ago
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Topic: Colorbox - auto add rel and name

Been playing with Colorbox more and found this little peace of js

var yourdiv = $("div.GPAREA");
var images = yourdiv .find("img:not(a > img)");
images.each(function i() {
var $this = $(this);
$this.wrap('<a name="gallery" rel="gallery_gallery" href="' + $this.attr("src") + '"/>');
This will add the needed name & rel attributes to images and if colorbox if on (see docs) then all images on the page will open in colorbox without adding the href, name, and rel
The code needs to be placed after the get content output function.  
Question I have for those who know JS. . . how can we make that convert the alt="" into the caption for colorbox?
Colorbox uses the title attribute for the caption. I found some code that supposedly does it but I can't combine them.


var imageCaption = $(image).attr('alt');
10 years ago


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