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I am in need of a website with a multy-leval navigation menu, is this possible in gp|Easy?

I only need a main level and a second level:

Home About Us

> Directors

> News

> Location


Contact Us

> Staff


that is the general idea, I have a working menu with javascript and stuff, I just need to know how to use gp|Easy to manage it.

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Charles S
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If I understand you right gpEasy does manage to do what you want.

Simple select the "edit" for the menu you want to edit and it will give a window in which you can select to have "all links," "top level  links" only, "expanding links", etc. There are quite a few options for the menus in gpEasy. 

When you are logged into gpEasy you simple need to move your cursor over an editable area and it will highlight it with a red box and an edit button. Some things, of course, will depend on the them you use, but it looks like most the themes currently available for gpEasy have these menus built in. 


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