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firstly, just like to say this is the first cms i think i can actually get on with - and might actually save me time rather than consume my time!

Just a few questions though.

Custom contact forms - the standard form is great, but often I need to create bigger forms, the results of which are handled by custom PHP scripts, which then redirects the user to a thanks page. How could I start to create somthing like this in GPEasy?

Content on specif pages: For example, if my design has 3 columns, and I create a section to use in the right column for example 'View our events listings' then of course, I don't want this box to display on the events listing page itself. Is there a way I can make this show on just certain pages?

I would like to create some 'special' pages, which are in the menu, but use custom php to get into from database, xml etc etc. would I have to create 'plugins' or something for this?

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Charles S
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I'm not sure about your first question. I know that currently you can't add php within gpEasy itself, but you can add it to the template of course. the contact.php file itself is in . . /data/_extra/ folder.

Maybe someone else can help you more on that.

As for different content on different pages. Here's a tutorial on that here. gpEasy may have an internal way of doing this easier in the near future, but right now the tutorial is the easiest way I've found.

Your final question I'm not certain about either. You can certainly create a unique template for those pages--in gpEasy you can define templates on a per page basis. A plugin would most likely work, but I think a template would also. 

Wish I knew more about the php stuff but not my area. gpEasy is very easy to use. It's best to just do a local install with something like xampplite and just play a little with it. The templates are easy to learn and hack and from what little I know it sounds like you can do everything you want by making a couple unique templates and setting them on  a per page basis.

good luck

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thanks for those pointers. Setting themes on a page per page basis is great - and will be so useful - I dind't even notice you could do that! And even if I build my custom PHP pages as templates, and just add them to one page in the site, that should work.

and i'll try install in xamplite too.


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You can insert php inside your templates like you want, cause the plugin functionality is currently not so flexible.

Only if you want to add some parameters like pagination or so it seams to be better to use core functionalities.

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