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I moved an installation from localhost to an online server.  Transfered the data folder and all works OK when viewing the site.

However when editing the Text Editor doesn't appear.  Editing a page now results in only the source view appearing.

What have I got wrong?

Thanks John

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Charles S
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sorry no one has given you an answer. I've done similar as you for testing but didn't have your results. So I'm not sure what went wrong with your install. I would remove gpEasy form your server, re-install it, test to make sure everything is working normal, then upload your files from data folder.

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The editor needs javascript - is this allowed for the new domain? (For myself I'm using Firefox with NoScript plugin so I have to allow this first.)

Is the install completely? Sometimes the FTP programs destroy files on upload or make it corrupt. Maybe a new upload could help.

Have you checked your browser error console?

Have you tried a fresh install on this server? Work it?

Wiki has some useful informations for moving in chapter "Moving to a new server".

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