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Hi, I need to make multiple instants (installation/setup) of gpEasy each one setup with different theme but all copies to be use a single data folder on the same server, For example each gpEasy copy on a sub folder such as , and 3 ==OR== , and each one has it's own cPanel account on the same server such as /home/domain1/public_html , /home/domain2/public_html and /home/domain3/public_html each folder serve a separate domain with separate copy of gpEasy and it's configurations.

The point is to demonstrate all the themes on the same real active site in the same real time so if we add or change a page then it's ready on all other sites but appear with different theme.

Another matter here in the themes looks a bit old and poor, Sorry about this comment but i guess a lot of users prefer the simplicity of gpEasy over the complex pages components of many other CMS scripts including WordPress. The same thing for many end-users, site-owners or designer's business clients so they will pay for gpEasy themes same as any other WordPress themes if the maker of gpEasy can provide us with themes such as

I try to contact some themes makers and gpEasy experts to have one fancy looking theme to make gpEasy acceptable for some clients of mine but with no success, No body want to make en effort to produce or even port HTML or WordPress theme to work with gpEasy.

I wish ti hear back from you, Thanks.

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